WSV: Back to business

WSV had a workman-like outing in the makeup game against Bayer Kid-Aspirins. They pretty much controlled the game from the start against the Mini-Lusers, and when Tom Moosmayer floated in a freekick, Daniel Flottmann was unmarked at the far post to give WSV the lead.
Interesting that GK Rene Adler, German international, started in goal for Bayer-II, as he is now recuperating from his injury. Will be interesting to see if he wins back his starting job from Bernd Leno, who has done very well. He looked pretty decent, but WSV didn’t give him much of a chance when scoring their goals – but he had plenty to do.

After dominating teh first half, WSV continued to press in the 2nd. They peppered the Alka-Seltzer Jrs. goal with shots, Flessers shot cleared off the line, Landers a direct volley that was just blocked. Then it turned into the Christian Kanppmann show, as the Regionalliga’s top goal-getter demonstrated his stuff. In the 63rd minute, a Moosmayer corner was extended by Landers, and Kanppmann was there for the tap-in. Then he hammered in a rebound off a Zieba shot.

Overall, a fine performance for Wuppertal…

Wuppertaler SV - Bayer Leverksuen II    3:0 (1:0)

Attendance: 698 (Stadion Am Zoo)

1:0 Flottmann (23.) 	 
2:0 Knappmann (63.) 	 
3:0 Knappmann (72.) 

Semmler - 
El Hammouchi    , Flottmann     , Schlieter , Herzenbruch - 
Landers , Fleßers    , Moosmayer    , Baltes    - 
Zieba - 

Quotschalla (71., Baltes)
B. Abelski (77., Moosmayer)	
Meier (83., Fleßers)

Trainer: Bruns

Adler - 
Koronkiewicz    , Haitz , Nauber , Eichmeier    - 
Temeltas    , Weiler - 
Biada    , Opper    - 
Steffen , Hirsch   

Al Ghaddioui (63., Biada)	
Maouel (63., Hirsch)
Leo (79., Eichmeier)

Trainer: Mink

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