SERIES = (Enzyklopädie des deutschen Ligafußballs I)
TITLE  = 35 Jahre Bundesliga: Die Grüderjahre 1963-75
AUTHOR = Matthias Weinrich
PRICE  = EUR 38.90 (hardcover)
SIZE   = 382 pages
YEAR   = 1998, Agon Sportverlag
RATING = 5/5 stars

Encyclopedia of German League Soccer, Vol. I
35 Years Bundesliga: The founder years, 1963-75 (In German)

The first in a series of books chronicling the Bundesliga in detail. This beautfiul volume has a synopsis of each season, photos of each team and lineups for every game.

Because of the statistical approach, even a non-German speaker can benefit from this series. Of course after the study of Abseits "soccer terms" and mastering of the Weanerisch dialect, you'd also be ready to tackle Günter Grass...