TITLE  = My Favorite Year
AUTHOR = Nick Hornby (ed)
PRICE  = 6.99 pounds
SIZE   = 287 pages
YEAR   = 1993
SOURCE = www.amazon.co.uk
RATING = 4 stars

Subtitled "A Collection of New Football Writing". This work is a collection of various authors, written in a humorous mode, recounting their "favorite" year as a fan of their club. Most are very well written, and for the most part actually describe failure rather than success. The famous Nick Hornby writes a nice chapter on a horrible year for Cambridge United, but the one that stands out is Olly Wicken's description of the Watford Hornets 74-75 campaign. He writes like a true fan, only talking about the positive. Surely the Hornets must be close to taking the title? Then at the end of the chapter, you realize that Watford has in fact just been relegated. This chapter convinced me to give the book 4 stars rather than 3.