TITLE  = Fever Pitch 
AUTHOR = Nick Hornby
PRICE  = US$ 10 (pb)
SIZE   = 300 pgs
YEAR   = 
SOURCE = www.amazon.com
RATING = 4 stars

A seminal work of soccer literature :)

Well, you might want to go that far, but this is a wonderful account of an obssesed Arsenal fan. If you've seen the movie, you were probably upset by all the touchy-feely crap, which the book luckily ignores to concentrate on the real life-and-death suffering of a true fan. Regardless of whether you're an Arse fan or not, this work should strike a chord in the heart of every football fan. (Unless of course you're a Manchester United-Johnny-Come-Lately).

Hornby has since gone on to write trivial relationship crap, such as High Fidelity. However, he has maintained some semblance of his football roots by editing and contributing to publications such as My Favorite Year .

This is also available in German as Fever Pitch - Ballfieber: Die Geschichte eines Fans Oddly enough it's classified as a "novel" (Roman), which seems a bit odd. Perhaps the Germans demand a statistical abstract before it's accepted as non-fiction...