TITLE  = Soccer in Sun and Shadow
AUTHOR = Eduardo Galeano
PRICE  = I forget, but certainly vicious capitalist imperialists oppressed
the working class to derive it.
SIZE   = 240 pages
YEAR   = ?
SOURCE = book stores, online
RATING = 1 / 5 stars

What can you say about Eduardo Galeano? Basically he has rewritten the same book Las Veinas Abiertas de America Latina over and over again, with the usual Marxist crap.

There is no question that the man is a soccer fan, but he can't resist in trying to make his work another story about how everybody is viciously exploited by capitalists, who have essentially ruined soccer by supressing the art. Oh well, Eduardo, you should have moved to East Berlin when you had a chance. Then you could have supported BFC Dynamo Berlin, the secret police club that cheated their way to 10 straight GDR titles, and you could have lived in your socialist paradise to boot! Or perhaps to get some real solidarity with the working class, why not go over to the Millwall Firm wearing a ManU jersey and demand a seat?

On the positive side, his focus tends to be on Latin American players, which is grossly neglected by the Eurocentrics. His little vignettes are often poetic, and if you can get past the politics which constantly crop up, you might like it. Certainly intellectuals will be intrigued, but most of them wouldn't know a soccer ball if it bopped them in the head...