TITLE  = (Enzyklopädie des deutschen Ligafußballs I)
SUBTITLE = Von Kronprinzen bis zur Bundesliga, 1890-1963
AUTHOR = Hardy Grüne
PRICE  = 33 Euro (DM 64) hardcover
SIZE   = 420 pages
YEAR   = 1996
SOURCE = www.amazon.de
RATING = 5 stars

From Crown Princes to Bundesliga: Encyclopedia of German League Soccer, Vol. I (In German)

Another brilliant Grüne work. This is the first volume in the German soccer encyclopedia series that is certainly destined to have folks envious - and wanting more. This one gives a year-by-year blow of every German championship season from the 1890s up to the founding of the Bundesliga in 1963. Every champion is portrayed in a photograph, and many of the famous players, clubs and issues are duly profiled in each year.