TITLE  = London Fields
AUTHOR = Charlie Connelly
PRICE  = 9.99 pounds list
SIZE   = 192 pages
YEAR   = 1999
SOURCE = www.amazon.co.uk
RATING = 5 stars

A poignant account of football at all levels, taken from a London perspective. Gives a superb view of the state of soccer in Britain, from amateur squads to professional. Chapters also on peripheral areas, such as an interview with a referee, the PFA, an apprentice at Leyton Orient, etc. Instead of concentrating on results or telling a complete story, each chapter stands on it's own. The reader is left with a true impression of what football is all about.

This was the first book I read from Connelly, and he reveals himself to have a unique insight into the game (albeit British, but in later works he reveals himself to be quite adept at interpreting the game of those bloody continentals.) He combines the love of the game of a true fan, but can be cerebral as well. (OK, you won't get any of that from Abseits, but what did you expect for what you paid?)

This book is highly recommended.