TITLE  = We fear no foe ... a decade of following Millwall
AUTHOR = Colin Johnson
PRICE  = 8.99 pounds list
SIZE   = 144 pages
YEAR   = 1999
SOURCE = www.amazon.co.uk
RATING = 4 stars

Good book about Millwall rowdies. The author comes right out and states that this is a book for the working class hardcore fans, not for the namby-pamby types who buy a new Manchester United jersey every year and then watch it on the telly.

Given the sensationalistic reporting that usually accompanies Millwall's "firm", Johnson is surprisingly even handed. He does not deny the violence, but reports matter-of-factly. He exhibits a disgust to those hooligans who attack innocent bystanders or average fans. The whole point is to meet the rival firm in battle, and is not afraid to point out when Millwall gets the short end, either from the opponents or police.

Throughout the book, Johnson exhibits contempt for fair weather fans, to the point of preferring failure to success if that means only the hardcore will show up. At least he's honest about it, but football really is for everyone, and that includes fair weather ManU kit wearers.