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Note that ex-GDR clubs changed their names all the time based on the whimsy of the commie bureaucrats.

Also note that there are no profiles for the "amateur" squads of the bigger clubs that seem to increasing infest the Regionalliga. This trend has obviously led to a decrease in attendance, which will be hopefully stopped with the new professional 3rd division.

Fullname Official club name
City City (State). Population.
Address How to contact the club. If possible, includes phone and e-mail contacts (only official)
Colors Description of jerseys
Nicknames Other popular names for club. Less prevalent than in England, often a city or regional description.
Stadium Stadium name and capacity. Some of the history if available
Tickets Ticket prices (starting in 1998) and how hard it is to get them. Occasionally updated when I have enough beer. Almost all German clubs offer discounts for kids, elderly, family, women etc.
Supporters General description of support level, fan clubs, other info.
Friends Usually either "official" freindships among the fan clubs, or at least other clubs that the supporters seem to like. Note: Europeans are really into the friend/foe relationship between the clubs and their fans.
Foes Clubs that are hated or rivals. Not necessarily hooligan type.
Heroes Famous, popular players, managers etc.
Zeroes Worthless players, managers etc.
Beer One of the key statistics. where possible, try and identify the favorite beer of the fans. Since it's Germany, it should be a local brewery. Usually a sponsor, but others if noteworthy.
Pub Grub Description of stadium eating facilities, and any other neat places to go before/after a game.
The Net Official web site mentioned if they have one. I usually pick a couple of fan pages that represent the fans viewpoint. All are in German only unless otherwise mentioned.

Recent History:
(I will also try to show the league finish since 1963/64 the watermark year 
of the founding of the Bundesliga. This will generally only be available 
for the top 3 divisions. 

The roman numerals indicate the division level in the DFB leagues, whereas 
the asterisk gives level for the DFV (GDR), which is usually the 1965-89 

The scenario below shows a typical GDR team that changed it's name during 
the Wende, then went bankrupt and started a new club...

		BSG Kommieland

1989-90	(***)	Kommieliga Staffel 2	3rd 

		1.FC Sachsen Insolvenz

1990-91	(IV)	Oberliga Nord-Süd-Ost	17th
1992-93	(V)	Niederliga Oberlausitz	18th
1993-94	(VI)	Lausitzliga Obernieder	xx - withdrawn
----> bankruptcy

		Eintract Leerekassen

1994-95	(VII)	Ligalausitz Niederober	1st
1996-97	(VII)	Ligaober Lausitznieder


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