FC Südtirol

The flagship of Südtirol and the northernmost professional team in Italy.

The club was started in 1974 as SV Milland, after a district of the town of Brixen. In 1995 some investors took over the club, with the idea of becoming professional and advancing to the Serie C. Their initial negotiations with FC Bozen (AC Bolzano) failed, and SV Milland was their second choice.

Although the club is based in Brixen, matches are played in Bozen, since it has a stadium that meets minimum requirements.

As Fc Südtirol, the club rapidly improved and achieved the desired professional status by promotion to the Serie C2 in 2000. After a difficult first year, the next three years saw the squad advance to promotion playoffs C1, in 2004 losing in the finals. The jump into the C1 (now renamed Lega Pro Primera) was finally achieved in 2010, as Südtirol won the title. The 3rd division status is the highest in club history.

The club remains the flagship of German speaking Südtirol, and indeed many of the players are German speaking locals. This is especially true of the youth ranks. However, as the team has become more competitive, many Italian speakers have been signed to strengthen the squad.

Full Name Fussball-Club Südtirol Alto-Adige Calcio
City Brixen/Bressanone (Südtirol/Trentino-Alto-Adige, ITALY). Pop: 18,000 (2004), approx. 72% German speaking, 26% Italian, 2% Ladino .
Address Vintlerweg 34, I-39042 Brixen (BZ)
Cadornastraße 9b, I-39100 Bozen (BZ) Phone: +39 0471 266053, Fax: +39 0471 402129
Email: info@fc-suedtirol.com
Colors All white with red lettering.
Stadium Drususstadion. Capacity: 3,000 (all seater)
This stadium owned by the city of Bozen, and was built in 1936. It was completely renovated in 2000, and floodlights added in 2002.
Tickets Tickets available at stadium 2 hours before kickoff or the club offices Tuesday-Friday. Individual Prices range from 10-20 euros (2010). In a nice touch, children under 14 can get in the cheaper seats for free. Season tickets range from 120-190 for main area, with VIP seats at 300.
Foes FC Bolzano 1996 is basically an Italian speaking club in Bozen. They were the original club AC Bolzano 1931, and changed their name in 1996. They've been overtaken by Südtirol and are usually somewhere around the 6th division.
Beer Forst
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: www.fc-suedtirol.com

Recent History:

		SV Milland

1980-81 (VIII)	3.Amateurliga 		8th
1981-82 (VIII)	3.Amateurliga 		8th
1982-83 (VIII)	3.Amateurliga		1st
1983-84 (VIII)	2.Amateurliga		3rd
1984-85 (VII)	2.Amateurliga		8th 
1985-86 (VII)	2.Amateurliga 		1st
1986-87 (VI)	1.Amateurliga 		11th
1987-88 (VI)	1.Amateurliga 		7th
1988-89 (VI)	1.Amateurliga 		3rd
1989-90 (VI)	1.Amateurliga 		2nd
1990-91 (VI)	1.Amateurliga 		1st
1991-92 (VI)	Oberliga 		9th
1992-93 (VI)	Oberliga 		5th
1993-94 (VI)	Oberliga 		12th
1994-95 (VI)	Oberliga 		16th

		FC Südtirol-Alto Adige

1995-96	(VII)	Landesliga		1st
1996-97	(VI)	Oberliga		1st
1997-98	(V)	Amateurnationalliga	12th
1998-99	(V)	Amateurnationalliga	7th
1999-00	(V)	Amateurnationalliga	1st
2000-01	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A
2001-02	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A	4th
2002-03	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A	3rd
2003-04	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A
2004-05	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A	8th
2005-06	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A
2006-07	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A	7th
2007-08	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A	12th
2008-09	(IV)	Serie C2, Girone A	15th
2009-10 (IV)	Lega Pro2, Girone A	1st
2010-11	(III)	Lega Pro1, Girone A

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