Berliner AK 07

A club that truly missed their calling. They should changed their founding date to 1947 (or 1847) so they could be Berliner AK-47...

The club was founded in 1907, but has managed to remain completly obscure. They were mostly an athletic club, sponsoring the Berlin marathon among other things. (Well, actually it's not the famous race of today, but a "forerunner" of the current event. I'm guessing it was really a glorified pub crawl...) Soccer started in 1908, but they were beyond crap. It wasn't until 1991 that they started to even get noticed, and they marched from the Kreisliga-A into the Oberliga Nordost.

In 2004, the club merged with BSV Mitte, which had previously competed as BFC Güneyspor und Fenerbahce Berlin. This made it one of the so-called "German-Turkish multicultural clubs." This was reinforced further when in 2006 it began an association with the Turkish First Division club Ankaraspor. The idea was that the professional club would be able to train young players in the Berlin league, but it never came to fruition. In fact, it almost ruined the club.

Most of the old members left, and the remaining members decided to form a fully Turkish based club, Berlin Ankaraspor Kulübü 07. So although the abbreviation is the same, the old club was gone. even the traditional colors of red/white where replaced to blue/white, to represent Ankaraspor. However, as things turned out it was a a facade. Ankaraspor withdrew support, and BAK was left to their own resources. With no players, they were in trouble, but the 2007/08 turned out to be somewhat of a watershed. With help of several players from the A-Jugend (youth team), the club was able to stablize. A heroic effort, as they managed to just stave off relegation. The traditional colors were restored, and the club continued. Today, BAK is like any other German club, a mix of local and foreign players.

The reformed club started to get some decent results, and by winning the Berliner-Pilsen cup in 2010 (a 1-0 win against BFC Dynamo), BAK qualified for the 1st round of the DFB Cup. They drew Bundesliga club FSV Mainz, and gave a very brave account of themselves, losing only 2-1. This was probably the high-point of BAK football. However, greater things were soon to come...

In 2012, BAK had their greatest triumph: in the 1st round of the DFB-Pokal, they faced Bundesliga side TSG Hoffenheim, and came away with a crushing 4-0 win. This was the greatest disgrace of any Bundesligist in the history of the Cup!! (It also meant a bonus of 225,000 euros for the club, and the prospect of another big payday).

Full Name Berliner Atletik-Klub 07 e.V.
City Berlin (Berlin). Pop: 3,388,434 (2002)
Address Zwiestädter Straße 5, 12055 Berlin
Phone: 030-4658852
Colors Red-white jersey, white shorts/socks
Stadium Sportanlage Lüderitzstraße. Capacity: 3,000
From 2000-2003, they played at the Hanne-Sobek on Osloer Straße. Since the revival, they now play at the legendary Poststadion, capacity: 10,000
Supporters Averaged only 178 in 2004 (Oberliga). They claim some 2,500 saw their legendary Cup win over Hoffenheim (2012).
Heroes Metin Cakmak scored a double against Hoffenheim and became an instant legend.
Zeroes The scumbags from Ankaraspor who almost sunk the club.
Pub Grub
The Net The official site was closed in 2004, but has since come back online.

Recent History:

2012-03 (IV)    Regionalliga Nordost
2010-11 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   7th
2009-10 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord
2008-09 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   10th
2007-08 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   15th
2006-07 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   4th
2005-06 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   10th
2003-04 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   13th
2002-03 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   15th
2001-02 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   12th
2000-01 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   15th
1999-00 (IV)    Oberliga Nordost-Nord   4th 
1998-99 (V)     Verbandsliga Berlin     1st 
1997-98 (V)     Verbandsliga Berlin     7th 
1996-97 (V)     Verbandsliga Berlin     5th 
1995-96 (V)     Verbandsliga Berlin     5th 
1994-95 (VI)    Landesliga Berlin-2     1st 
1993-94	(V)	Landesliga Berlin-1	3rd

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