Lusaner SC Gera

Formerly Carl-Zeiss Gera

The club was founded in 1980 as BSG VEB Carl Zeiss, a company sponsored team. In 1990, it was joined by the youth section of Blau-Weiss Gera, and the current team was formed. There are currently about 430 members.

In July 1998, there are plans to rename the team as Lusaner Sport Club 1980, which will undoubtedly be known as LSC.

Fullname Lusaner Sport-Club von 1980 e.V.
City Gera (Thüringen). Pop: 102,733 (2006). Lusan is a district of the city, numbering around 25,000 inhabitants.
Colors White jersey with thick black vertical bars, gold lettering. Black shorts, white socks with black trim.
Stadium Sportplatz Brüte
Tickets I'm sure you can get one at the gate...
Supporters Enthusiastic fans, but fair. Things get a bit more heated in derbies.
Friends FSV Falka.
Foes TSV Zwötzen and the big rivalry with 1.SV Gera.
Beer Koestritzer Schwarzbier. This is from a brewery in nearby Bad Koestritz, and is very popular in the region.
Pub Grub The stadium Gastätte has the Koestritzer beers on tap and bottled. The famed Thüringer Rostbratwürste are served up off a wood grill.
The Net None found (2007)

		Recent History

1996-97	(VII)	Bezirksliga Thüringen		6th
1997-98	(VII)	Bezirksliga Thüringen
1998-99 (VII)	Bezirksliga Thüringen		1st
1999-00	(VI)	Landesklasse Thüringen/Ost	13th
2000-01	(VI)	Landesklasse Thüringen/Ost	13th

2004-05	(IX)	Kreisliga Gera-Stadtliga
2005-06	(IX)	Kreisliga Gera-Stadtliga	10th
2006-07	(IX)	Kreisliga Gera-Stadtliga	4th
2007-08	(IX)	Kreisliga Gera-Stadtliga

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