Dresdner SC 1898

GERMAN CUP 1940, 1941

One of the famed traditional clubs, whose heyday was prior to post-WWII, winning a couple of titles during the war. However the post war led to a quick decline in club fortunes and a lapse into obscurity.

During the GDR years, it was renamed as SG Friedrichsstadt, but it's only success was a runner up in the GDR Championship in 1950. Most of the players eventually fled to the West, The club wallowed in obscurity until 1990, when it reclaimed it's birthright as Dresdner SC 1898 and by 1998 advanced to the 3rd division. Among the famed alums are Helmut Schön, one of the great coaches of the national squad, winning the World Cup in 1974, and a fine player in his own right.

In reality, the relationship to the fame prewar DSC is somewhat tenuous. The club is actually a descendant of Dresdner Sportfreunde, which was a decent club in the gauliga of the 1930s, but no rival to DSC. After the war, it was recreated as SG Pieschen and various other changes and moves were made in the 1950s. In 1966, the soccer section became known as FSV Lok Dresden. With reunification however, Lok was disbanded, and the soccer section joined up with the "new" Dresdner SC 98, which had been SC Einheit Dresden. So in essence, the soccer tradition in DSC is maintained.

After a couple of seasons in obscurity, DSC98 started moving up, coinciding with a decline in fortunes to local favorite Dynamo. From the start, the 1998-99 season was going to be difficult, a constant battle to stay up. However, some good results down the stretch helped DSC stay up, so the season has to be considered a success. The next season turned out to be the dream year. DSC challenged for the title and finsihed in 2nd place, gaining qualification for the new combined Regionalliga, exceeding virtually all expectations. Meanwhile, bitter crosstown rivals Dynamo failed. For the first time in post war history, DSC was top dog in Dresden. But it didn't last long. DSC simply did not enjoy much fan support in Dresden, and things soon declined - especially financially. As funds began to dwindle, the club dropped like a rock.

By 2006, the independent soccer section was in bankruptcy, and to avoid collapse, they rejoined the main club.

Fullname Dresdner Sport Club Fußball 98 e.V.
City Dresden (Sachsen). Pop: 479,000 (2002).
Address Könneritzstraße 11,01067 Dresden
Phone: (0351)490-5020 Fax: (0351) 490-5021
Colors Red and Black vertical striped jersey, black shorts.
Stadium Ostragehege. Capacity: 35,000. (Limited to around 10,000 though)
There is a move to have it renamed as Helmut-Schön-Stadion. From 1957-70, was known as the Heinz Steyer Stadion
Tickets Readily available. They were drawing around 250 fans per game (2004)
Supporters Small. Averaged 292 in 2004 (Oberliga). Despite more recent success, DSC is very much in the shadow of rivals Dynamo Dresden.
Friends A Fan-Freundschaft with 1.FC Nürnberg since 1923!
Foes Obviously Dynamo Dresden as the city rival.
Heroes 16 German internationals, all pre 1945. Helmut Schön (16 caps, 1937-41) would later become Germany's greatest coach, although his best work was actually done with Saarland. Richard Hoffmann (25 caps, 1927-33) was another legendary player. 2 GDR internationals from the "Lok" years.
Pub Grub
The Net They seem to have more web pages than actual fans. www.dsc1898.de is the main club site. More important, the soccer section has it's own official page at www.dsc-fussball98.de. A good fan page is www.DresdnerSC.de

		FSK Lok Dresden

1965-66	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel Süd		12th
1966-67	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel Süd		9th
1967-68	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel Süd		7th
1968-69	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel Süd		6th
1969-70	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel Süd		12th
1970-71	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel Süd		7th
1971-72	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		2nd
1972-73	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		4th
1973-74	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		8th
1974-75	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		2nd
1975-76	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		7th
1976-77	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		2nd
1977-78	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		1st
1978-79	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		3rd
1979-80	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		8th
1980-81	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		9th
1981-82	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		4th
1982-83	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		9th
1983-84	(**)	DDR-Liga, Staffel D		8th
1984-91	lower divisions

		Dresdner SC 98

1991-92	(IV)	Landesliga Sachsen		1st
1992-93	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nordost-Süd		4th	
1993-94	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nordost-Süd		2nd
1994-95	(IV)	Landesliga Sachsen		1st
1995-96	(IV)	Oberliga Nordost Süd		4th
1996-97	(IV)	Oberliga Nordost Süd		2nd
1997-98	(III)	Oberliga Nordost Süd		1st
1998-99	(III)	Regionalliga Nordost		13th
1999-00	(III)	Regionalliga Nordost		2nd
2000-01	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		9th
2001-02	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		16th
2002-03	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		18th
2003-04 (IV)	Oberliga Nordost-Süd		16th
2004-05	(V)	Landesliga Sachsen
2005-06	(V)	Landesliga Sachsen		16th
2006-07	(VI)	Bezirksliga Dresden		14th
2007-08	(VII)	Bezirksklasse Dresden

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