STV Horst-Emscher

Another club from a district in Gelsenkirchen under the shadow of the mighty Schalke.

The club was founded in 1912, most of the members coming from local industrial and steel workers. Up until the 1950s, they occasionally gave Schalke a good run for their money, but things started going downhill rapidly by the 1960s. The only bright spot was winning the worthless German Amateur title in 1967.

In a desperate attempt to become a 2nd force to Schalke, STV and Eintract Gelsenkirchen merged for a short lived union 1973-78. But it was not successful on the field, and since the two clubs probably never liked each other anyway, they dissolved the union after 4 seasons. STV managed to keep all the good players and remain in the Verbandsliga. But it eventually came at a cost...

In 1999 the club was forced into administration, but managed to keep kicking. In theory the club was dissolved, but actually they managed to come out of bankruptcy. The main change was that the official name was changed to STV Horst-Emscher Husaren.

Full Name Spiel- und Turnvereinigung Horst-Emscher e.V.
City Gelsenkirchen. Pop: 272,445 (2002). Horst is a district that was once an independent township.
Address Fischerstraße 35, 45899 Gelsenkirchen
Phone: 0209-55459, Fax: 0209-55527
Colors Blue jersey, black shorts/socks
Nickname Husaren
Stadium Fürstenberg. Capacity: 23,140 (1,425 seats)
This stadium was built in 1920, with a capacity of about 25,000, and was built mostly by volunteers.
Heroes After WWII, 3 German internationals played. But they were not capped with STV. Keeper Heinz Flotho (1 cap, 1939, Osnabrück), Alfred Kelbassa (6 caps, 1956-58, Dortmund) and Berni Klodt (19 caps, 1950-59,Schalke)
Zeroes Not really a zero, but Günter Thon was on 1967 Amateur Champion. But he was unable to convince his son Olaf to stick, as the later German international (52 caps, 1984-98) went to Schalke - and then to Bayern! Obviously a lack of discpline in the family...
Beer Hasseröder on tap at snack bar.
Pub Grub Snack bar (actually Vereins-Gaststätte) next to main stands.
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Recent History:
		STV Horst-Emscher

1963-64	(II)	Regionalliga West		15th
1964-65	(II)	Regionalliga West		17th
1965-66	(II)	Regionalliga West		18th
1966-67	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	2nd
1967-68	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	4th
1968-69	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	3rd
1969-70	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	3rd
1970-71	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	3rd
1972-72	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	1st
1972-73	(III)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	5th

		Eintracht Gelsenkirchen-Horst

1973-74	(II)	Regionalliga West		16th
1974-75	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	8th
1975-76	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	12th
1976-77	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	7th
1977-78	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	12th

		STV Horst-Emscher

1978-79	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	5th
1979-80	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	1st
1980-81	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		14th
1981-82	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		21st
1982-83	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	12th
1983-84	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	9th
1984-85	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	16th
1985-86	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	13th
1986-87	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	12th
1987-88	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	8th
1988-89	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	11th
1989-90	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	11th
1990-91	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	10th
1991-92	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	14th
1992-93	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	12th
1993-94	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	15th
1994-95	(VI)	Landesliga Westfalen
1995-96	(VI)	Landesliga Westfalen
1996-97	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	5th
1997-98	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	12th
1998-99	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	8th
1999-00	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	7th
2000-01	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	11th
2001-02	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	
2002-03	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	8th
2003-04	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	13th
2004-05	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	
2005-06	(VI)	Landesliga Westfalen-West	16th
2006-07	(VII)	Bezirksliga Westfalen
2007-08	(VIII)	Kreisliga A Gelsenkirchen

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