Hamburger SV

GERMAN CHAMPION 1922, 1923, 1928, 1960, 1979, 1982, 1983
GERMAN CUP 1963, 1976, 1987

Founded in 1897, Hamburger Sport Verein is the most famous and probably the most popular club in northern Germany. After some success, winning the title 3 times in the 1920s, things were pretty grim, with a sole title in 1960. However, with the arrival of "Mighty Mouse" Kevin Keegan, things turned around, and the club won another three titles, 1979, 1982, 1983, also winning the Euro Champions Cup in 1983, a 1-0 triumph over Juventus. However, the last few years have seen a return to mediocrity.

Many famous players have worn the HSV colors, the biggest of which is undoubtedly Uwe Seeler, the longtime German international and leading HSV scorer. Manni Kaltz played some 580 Bundesliga games. Horst Hrubesch (pronounced "rubbish", which also refers to his dribbling skills) had a shorter career, but was a prolific goal scorer. Of course, Kevin Keegan has already been mentioned.

One point worth mentioning is that HSV is the only original member of the Bundesliga never to have been relegated. At times, poor performances have put that record in jeopardy, but the team always manages to reach safe waters.

1998-99 was a decent season for HSV. At times they threatened for a UEFA spot, but usually followed a run of good results with a few lame performances. However, the next season they played well all year, and ended with a respectable 3rd place, the best performance of the 90s. As is their pattern, they followed that with a couple of lame seasons, before putting together another fine run in 2002/03. That run continued, and whenever they got some decent players, they ended up being sold. At times, it seems like managemnet doesn't have a clue.

Fullname Hamburger Sport-Verein e.V.
City Hamburg (Hamburg). Pop: 1,700,000 (2002)
Address Rothenbaumchaussee 125, 20149 Hamburg
Phone: (0 40) 4 15 50 Fax: (040) 4155109
Colors Blue and white, now with red. White shirt with bright red blocks, red shorts, blue socks.
Stadium Volksparkstadion. Capacity: 55,000 (40,000 seats). Located in the Altona district. It was originally built in 1925, then completely redone in 1953 (capacity 80,000) and in 1999. The new park is covered (except for the field) and is state-of-the-art. HSV used to play at the Rothenbaum, which was built in 1911, and held about 27,000. Generally larger matches were held at Volkspark, but the Rothenbaum was used by the amateur squad through the early 1990s. This stadium was finally torn down in 1994.
Tickets Generally not to hard to come by, as the stadium is big. HSV has implemented a 3 tier ticket strategy. The "biggies" like Dortmund and Bayern sell from 26-60 euros, whereas "decent" teams, such as Schalke, Bremen etc. are 21-48 euros. You can get a relative bargain by going to see teams in the "crap" category, like Bielefeld or Bochum, 15-38 euros (2004). (Note: HSV is officially more diplomatic and calls the tickets "Kategorie A,B,C".)
Supporters Dedicated support, but given the crap performances, it's less than it could be. Averaged about 48,000 in 2004. The official HSV Supporters Club can be contacted at the club address.
Foes Werder Bremen is a rival for the north's affections, and of course St.Pauli.
Beer Holsten is brewed locally. Jever is a sponsor.
Pubs and Grubs Part of the problem is that the stadium is not directly in town. The Fanhaus on Stresemannstraße at the S-Bahn station has been mentioned as a place where HSV fans congregate prior to the match.
The Net An official site is available at . HSV was one of the last clubs to sponsor an official site, but this one is pretty decent, despite being graphics intensive. Versions in English and Japanese, as HSV has been one club to market heavily in Japan. There are lots of fan pages. The fan club HSV Blue Devils runs a page at ,

Recent History:

2013-14 (I)     Bundesliga      16th 
2012-13 (I)     Bundesliga      7th 
2011-12 (I)     Bundesliga      15th 
2010-11 (I)     Bundesliga      8th 

2009-10 (I)     Bundesliga      7th
2008-09 (I)     Bundesliga      5th
2007-08 (I)     Bundesliga      4th
2006-07 (I)     Bundesliga      7th
2005-06 (I)     Bundesliga      3rd
2004-05 (I)     Bundesliga      8th
2003-04 (I)     Bundesliga      8th
2002-03 (I)     Bundesliga      4th
2001-02 (I)     Bundesliga      11th
2000-01 (I)     Bundesliga      13th

1999-00 (I)     Bundesliga      3rd
1998-99 (I)     Bundesliga      7th
1997-98 (I)     Bundesliga      9th
1996-97 (I)     Bundesliga      13th
1995-96 (I)     Bundesliga      5th
1994-95 (I)     Bundesliga      13th
1993-94 (I)     Bundesliga      12th
1992-93 (I)     Bundesliga      11th
1991-92 (I)     Bundesliga      12th
1990-91 (I)     Bundesliga      5th

1989-90 (I)     Bundesliga      11th
1988-89 (I)     Bundesliga      4th
1987-88 (I)     Bundesliga      6th
1986-87 (I)     Bundesliga      2nd
1985-86 (I)     Bundesliga      7th
1984-85 (I)     Bundesliga      5th
1983-84 (I)     Bundesliga      2nd
1982-83 (I)     Bundesliga      1st     CHAMPIONS
1981-82 (I)     Bundesliga      1st     CHAMPIONS
1980-81 (I)     Bundesliga      2nd

1979-80 (I)     Bundesliga      2nd
1978-79 (I)     Bundesliga      1st     CHAMPIONS
1977-78 (I)     Bundesliga      10th
1976-77 (I)     Bundesliga      6th
1975-76 (I)     Bundesliga      2nd
1974-75 (I)     Bundesliga      4th
1973-74 (I)     Bundesliga      12th
1972-73 (I)     Bundesliga      14th
1971-72 (I)     Bundesliga      10th
1970-71 (I)     Bundesliga      5th

1969-70	(I)	Bundesliga	6th
1968-69 (I)     Bundesliga      6th 
1967-68 (I)     Bundesliga      13th
1966-67 (I)     Bundesliga      14th
1965-66 (I)     Bundesliga      9th
1964-65 (I)     Bundesliga      11th
1963-64 (I)     Bundesliga      6th

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