HSG Humboldt-Uni Berlin

This famed club was founded in 1949, as part of the Humboldt University sports department. After German re-unification, it became an independant club. Currently there are two squads battling in the Berlin Kreisliga A, and a couple of oldies teams.

This is absolutely a must visit if you are in Berlin, and you will probably have a lot more fun then any other game in the city.

Fullname Hochschulsportgemeinschaft der Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin e.V.
City Berlin (Berlin). Pop: 3,388,434 (2002)
Also, check out Humboldt University website.
Address HSG Humboldt Uni, Fritz Lesch Straße 42, 13053 Berlin
Phone: try (030) 449 0098 or (030) 662 5901. For e-mail, try the webmaster and midfield dynamo, Thomas Anders, at thomas.anders@rz.hu-berlin.de. You can also stop by practice sessions, TuTh 6:30pm-8:00pm at the field. (Can you imagine doing that with Bayern München to say hello to Kaiser Franz?)
Colors White shirt with thick horizontal green stripe,black shorts and socks. Away: black and white
Stadium Sportforum Berlin-Höhenschöhausen, Steffenstrße Capacity: enough. The facilty is shared with FC Berlin.
Tickets In very high demand, but they will be able to accomodate you! The prices are quite reasonable :)
Supporters The players all have wives and girlfriends, or perhaps both!
Friends SV Blau-Gelb Berlin, Hansa Rostock and 1.FC Union Berlin.
Foes Don't know. Logically, it would be west Berlin's Freie-Universität, but HSG would probably kick their ass so severely, FU would give up soccer and probably go off for another silly protest. The other "enemy" is Bayern Muenchen, which is probably afraid to take on HSG!
Heroes Rugged defender Thomas Anders started soccer on the web by making the first German soccer site in 1994!
Beer Radeberger Pils
Pub Grub Bei Karin.
The Net One of the best soccer web sites around :), www2.hu-berlin.de/fussball . This is the oldest soccer web page in the former GDR, and perhaps one of the very first official in German, period. You often get first hand accounts from players of their latest defeat, err, victory. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2003. Perhaps the webmaster finally graduated and got a real job. Actually, a new official page, www.ssg-humboldt.de has popped up. But it's just that, a single page...(2007)

1993-94 (VIII) Kreisliga Berlin A 12th 1994-95 (VIII) Kreisliga Berlin A 6th 1995-96 (VIII) Kreisliga Berlin A 10th 1996-97 (VIII) Kreisliga Berlin A 6th 1997-98 (VIII) Kreisliga Berlin A 15th 1998-99 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B1 3rd 1999-00 (VIII) Kreisliga Berlin A 15th 2000-01 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B 6th 2001-02 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B2 10th 2002-03 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B 2002-03 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B 2004-05 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B3 2005-06 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B2 11th 2006-07 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B1 7th 2007-08 (IX) Kreisliga Berlin B4

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