Liechteinischer Fußball

After the US finally got back on track with MLS, Liechtenstein is one of the few countries without a national league. (The other being Canada, unless you count the "Eh" League.) Nevertheless, soccer has been around for awhile.

The only national competition is the Liechtenstein Cup, which has been played since 1946. This was first played in 1945, and through the year 2002, had been won by FC Vaduz about 30 times. All the clubs play in the lower division of the Swiss Leagues. In recent years, FC Vaduz has apparently emerged as a more ambitious club. In 2001, ex-Swiss national keeper Andreas Hilfiker signed on. Hilfiker had played with 1.FC Nürnberg in the Bundesliga, and later with both Tennis Borussia and SSV Ulm in the 2.Liga. Then in January 2002, ex-German international Karl-Heinz Riedle signed on as well.

The best Liechtenstein players generally play with lower level Swiss clubs. National team keeper Peter Jehle was a spot starter for Grasshoppers Zürich in 2001, and the most famous player, Mario Frick from Balzers, was in the Italian Serie A with Hellas Verona. Not to bad, when you consider there are only about 1,400 players registered in the whole land.

The national squad has only started in international competition. Among their major achievments is scoring goals against Germany, but their best result is probably a goaless draw with Republic of Ireland in World Cup 98 qualifying.

The national stadium, the Rheinpark-Stadion in Vaduz, has a capacity of about 4,500, which when full is about 15% of the total country's population. While usually not packed to the rafters, a decent crowd shows up for most internationals, although they tend to be less vocal than the visiting hordes.

For more info on the local scene, refer to the online edition of Liechtensteiner Vaterland , and the sports pages edited by prodigious Ernst Hasler.

Liechtensteiner Fussballverband

List of clubs :

FC Balzers
Postfach 92
9496 Balzers

Year of formation : 1932
Colours           : yellow/blue
Stadium           : Sportplatz " Rheinau "  ( 5000 )

Generally, this is Liechtenstein's "No.2" club.
FC Triesen
Postfach 108
9495 Triesen

Year of formation : 1932
colours           : blue/white
Stadium           : Sportplatz " Blumenau " ( 5250 )

FC Triesenberg
Postfach 1243
9497 Triesenberg

Year of formation : 1972
colours           : blue/yellow
Stadium           : Sportplatz " Leitenwies " ( 2000 )

FC Vaduz
Postfach 158
9490 Vaduz

Year of formation : 1932
colours           : white/red
Stadium           : Gemeindesportplatz Vaduz ( 8250 ), but since 1998
		    they play most matches in the Rheinpark-Stadion.	

The powerhouse of local football.
FC Schaan
Postfach 213
9494 Schaan

Year of formation : 1949
colours           : blue/white
Stadium           : Sportplatz " Rheinwiese " ( 5000 )

USV Eschen/Mauren  ( USV stands for " Unterlaender Sportvereinigung " )
Postfach 112
9492 Eschen

Year of formation : 1963
Colours           : blue/white
Stadium           : Sportpark Eschen/Mauren ( 5300 )

FC Ruggel
Postfach 34
9491 Ruggel

Year of formation : 1958
colours           : green/white
Stadium           : Sportplatz " Rheinau " ( 4000 )


There used to be another club, FC Mauren, which was founded in 1954, but 
was disbanded "sometime".

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