Lüner SV

A small club in the Westfalen region, it was founded in 1945. Their best years were in the 1960s and early 1970s, when they played in the 2nd division Regionalliga West.

Fullname Lüner Sportverein Fußball e.V.
City Lünen (Nordrhein-Westfalen). Pop: 89,456 (2007)
Address Postfach 1672, 44506 Lünen or Schwansbeller Weg 3, 44532 Lünen
Phone: (02306) 258436 Fax: (02306) 258436
Colors Red and white
Stadium Kampfbahn "Schwansbell" Capacity: 10,000 (1,000 seats)
Built in 1958 to hold 12,000, capacity was reduced over the years. From 1945-58, LSV played at the Wüstenknapp.
Tickets General Admission was 6.50 euros (2004).
Supporters Averaged 240 in 2004 (Oberliga).
Heroes Erhard Ahmann was the regular keeper for the German amateur squad in the late 1960s-70s.
Grub and Pub The club runs a pub (OK, a bewirtschaftetes Vereinslokal)
The Net The official page is at www.lsv-fussball.de , or at www.luener-sv.de

Recent History:

1963-64	(II)	Regionalliga West		20th
1964-65	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		2nd
1965-66	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		3rd
1966-67	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		1st
1967-68	(II)	Regionalliga West		8th
1968-69	(II)	Regionalliga West		10th
1969-70	(II)	Regionalliga West		6th
1970-71	(II)	Regionalliga West		14th
1971-72	(II)	Regionalliga West		15th
1972-73	(II)	Regionalliga West		18th
1973-74	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		3rd
1974-75	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		6th
1975-76	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		3rd
1976-77	(III)	Amateurliga Westfalen		18th
1977-78	(IV)	Landesliga Westfalen-3		1st
1978-79	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	10th
1979-80	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	11th
1980-81	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	1st
1981-82	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		19th
1982-83	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	14th
1983-84	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	14th
1984-85	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	9th
1985-86	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	10th
1986-87	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	6th
1987-88	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	9th
1988-89	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW	15th
1989-95	?
1995-96	(VI)	Landesliga Westfalen		2nd
1996-97	(VI)	Landesliga Westfalen		4th
1997-98	(VI)	Landesliga Westfalen		3rd
1998-99	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen		9th
1999-00	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen		1st
2000-01	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		9th
2001-02	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		10th
2002-03	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		13th
2003-04	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		18th
2004-05	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-SW
2005-06	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-1	3rd
2006-07	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-1	14th
2007-08	(V)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-1

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