SC Minerva Berlin

Once a leading Berlin club, Minerva has pretty much disappeared from view.

The club was founded in 1893 as Berliner FC Minerva in the Moabit section of the city. In 1896 it merged with Wilmersdorfer FC Frühling to for SC Minerva 1893. The club started competing in the Berlin leagues in 1904, usually ending up in the upper ahlf. The Weimar Repuplic years were fairly successful, spent in the top Berlin division except for 2 seasons. In 1932 they were Berlin champions, and participated in the German championship, losing to Bayern München 4-2 in a preliminary round.

During the 3rd Reich, Minerva continued to perform reasonably well in the Gauliga. After WWII, the club was restarted in 1946 and soon began competing in the Oberliga Berlin, which lasted until 1958. They managed to stay in the Amateurliga Berlin until 1966, when they started a quick descent into oblivion. Today Minerva competes in the Kreisliga, bouncing between the 8th-10th divisions.

Full Name Sportclub Minerva Berlin 1893 e.V.
City Berlin (Berlin). Pop: 3,405,342 (2007)
Based in the Moabit district, in central part of the city, population 69,293 (2007)
Address Rostocker Straße 28, 10553 Berlin
Phone: 030-3915796
Colors Yellow jersey, blue shorts, blue socks
Stadium Poststadion. Capacity: 1,000
This was once one of Berlin's largest stadiums. Built in 1927 with a capacity of 35,000, it held over 60,000 after an expansion in the mid 1950s. It was used by Hertha BSC in 1986 when they briefly played in the 3rd division. Today, the Poststadion is a run-down ruin, overgrown with weeds, under historic monument protection. Minerva actually plays next door, at the "Nebenplatz Poststadion", which is a small artificial turf field with some standing room.
Supporters Ha-ha!
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: , but only for the youth team.

Recent History:

2003-04	(IX)	Kreisliga Berlin B
2004-05	(X)	Kreisliga Berlin C-2
2005-06	(X)	Kreisliga Berlin C-3	3rd
2006-07	(IX)	Kreisliga Berlin B	1st
2007-08	(IX)	Kreisliga Berlin B-3

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