FC Oberneuland

A small district club in Bremen that has recently come out of the shadows.

The club was founded in 1948, in the local pub "Zum Dorfkrug". There isn't much to report about, as the club wallowed in obscurity of the local Bremen amateur leagues. The finally popped up on the map when they played in the DFB Cup main rounds, qualifying as the Bremen city cup winner. In 1993, they faced Chemnitz, and got trounced 8-1. In 2003 however, they did much better, facing 1. FC Köln, finally losing 5-2 in overtime. As far as league play, in 1996, they finally made the jump into the Oberliga Niedersachsen, and eventually into the Oberliga Nord by 2004.

In the 2008 promotion playoffs for the new Regionalliga Nord, FCO kicked ass against opponents VfL Oldenburg, VfB Oldenburg, Victoria Hamburg and MTV Gifhorn.

Full Name Fußball-Club Oberneuland von 1948 e.V.
City Bremen (Hansastadt Bremen). Pop: 548,477 (2008). Oberlneuland is an eastern district of Bremen, with a population of about 12,600.
Address Vinnenweg 100, 28355 Bremen
Tel: 0421 - 257 57 41 o. 257 57 21
Fax: 0421 - 25 757 31
Mobil: 0172 - 530 400 1
E-Mail: fco-bremen@web.de
Colors Red jersey, black shorts and socks
Nickname FCO
Stadium Sportpark Vinnenweg. Capacity: 3,500 (450 seats).
An expansion is underway, which includes rebuilding of the Tribune. New capacity will be about 5,100.
Supporters Overall, there are about 750 club members. One fan group, called "FCO-Fighters", with about 15 members.
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: www.f.c.o.ms
A fan page at http://www.fc-oberneuland-fans.de.tl

Recent History:

1994-95 (V)	Verbandsliga Bremen	2nd
1995-96 (V)	Verbandsliga Bremen	1st
1996-97 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	4th
1997-98 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	3rd
1998-99 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	3rd
1999-00 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	2nd
2000-01 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	6th
2001-02 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	5th
2002-03 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	10th
2003-04 (IV)	Oberliga Niedersachen	12th
2004-05 (V)	Verbandsliga Bremen
2005-06 (V)	Verbandsliga Bremen	1st
2006-07 (IV)	Oberliga Nord		3rd
2007-08 (IV)	Oberliga Nord		9th
2008-09	(IV)	Regionalliga Nord	9th
2009-10 (IV)    Regionalliga Nord	16th
2010-11 (IV)    Regionalliga Nord

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