FSV LU-Oggersheim

A small, generally obscure club from Ludwigshafen that made a surprise appearance in the then 3rd division Regionalliga in 2007.

The club was founded in 1913 as VfR 1913 Oggersheim. In 1937 they merged with SC Eintracht Oggersheim to become SpVgg Oggersheim. Like all clubs, they were banned after WW-II, but by 1949 the soccer players had founded their own club, FSV 1913. Of course, they were completely within the shadow of the strongest city club, Südwest, so were essentially unnoticed.

Oggersheim was basically an obscure southwestern amateur club throughout the 70s and 80s. They started a slow rise, at least advancing beyond their Pfalz region in the 1990s, and in the new century made their move, culminating into interregional play with their leap into the Regionalliga in 2007. However, they met their match at that level.

The 2007-08 campaign was one of the suckiest in recent German football history (at least for upper leagues). LU only managed 2 wins, scoring a crappy 17 goals, and ended up dead last with a measly 12 points, some 22 points behind Pfullendorf. Ironically, the club almost broke even, despite measly crowds. The club published their books on the website, and show approximately a loss of only 40,000 euros on turnover of about 3.2 million euros. All things considered, that must be counted as a major achievement. They managed to hold a Regionalliga spot the next season, but voluntarily accepted a drop down to the 5th division, perhaps a reflection of their true standing.

Full Name Fussball Spielverein 1913 Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim
City Ludwigshafen (Rheinland-Pfalz). Pop: 163,560 (2008). Oggersheim is a district of Ludwigshafen, and has a population of aruond 23,500.
Colors All white. Away uniform Black red vertical stripe jersey, black shorts, red socks
Stadium Oggersheimer Bezirkssportanlage (Capacity: 5,000) is the main field, but when they got promoted, they moved to the Südweststadion (Capacity: 41,383, although during re-construction started in 2007, it was limited to about 6,500).
Supporters Their support seems pretty limited. In their crap Regionalliga season 2008, they often had "crowds" in the couple hundreds.
Foes SV Südwest Ludwigshafen. Oggersheim was completely unknown, even though SW had virtually disappeared from view. The addition of "LU" into the name was an attempt to gain more recognition and identification with the larger city.
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: www.fsv-lu-oggersheim.de

Recent History:

1974-75	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	13th
1975-76	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	2nd
1976-77	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	3rd
1977-78	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	8th
1978-79	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	1st
1979-80	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	3rd
1980-81	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	6th
1981-82	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	4th
1982-83	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	4th
1983-84	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	8th
1984-85	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	11th
1985-86	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	4th
1986-87	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	6th
1987-88	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	5th
1988-89	(VI)	Bezirksliga Vorderpfalz	1st
1989-90	(V)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	4th
1990-91	(V)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	2nd
1991-92	(V)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	1st
1992-93 (IV)	Verbandsliga Südwest	7th
1993-94 (IV)	Verbandsliga Südwest	3rd
1994-95 (V)	Verbandsliga Südwest	13th
1995-96 (V)	Verbandsliga Südwest	7th
1996-97 (V)	Verbandsliga Südwest	15th
1997-98	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	10th 
1998-99	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	9th
1999-00	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	12th
2000-01	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	13th
2001-02	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	10th 
2002-03	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	3rd 
2003-04	(VI)	Landesliga Südwest-Ost	2nd 
2005-06	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	6th
2006-07	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	1st
2007-08	(III)	Regionalliga Süd	18th
2008-09 (IV)	Regionalliga West	12th	voluntary relegation
2009-10 (V)	Verbandsliga Südwest	


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