Adler Osterfeld

A once obscure club that has moved into the second spot of Oberhausen fussball...

The roots go back to 1924, when Adler was founded from ex-members of the Catholic Youth Group of Rothebusch. By 1926, it was known as Deutschejudgendkraft (DJK) Adler Osterfeld. When the Nazis banned all DJK organizations in 1934, it became VfB Osterfeld-Rothebusch. After WW-II it became simply Adler Osterfeld.

In the late 1990s, Adler moved up into the Oberliga, and remained a strong presence for 4 seasons. However, the increased cost proved to be too much of a burden, and the club decided to accept voluntary relegation 2 divisions lower in 2005.

Full Name Sportverein Adler Osterfeld 1922 e.V.
City Oberhausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen). Pop: 222,000 (2002). Osterfeld was once a seperate town that was "fusioned" into Oberhausen in 1929.
Address Siepenstrasse 60, 46119 Oberhausen
Phone: 0208-607678, Fax: 0208-6090012
Colors All red with white lettering.
Stadium Waldstadion Rothebusch. Capacity: 3,500
Supporters Averaged 501 in 2004 (Oberliga).
Foes Rot-Weiss Oberhausen, Sterkrade
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: just getting started in 2005. And by 2007, it was only partially working, and then only in Internet-Explorer, not Firefox.

Recent History:

1990-91	(V)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	13th
1991-92	(V)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	13th
1992-93	(V)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	13th
1993-94	(V)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	2nd
1994-95	(V)	Verbandsliga Niederrhein	8th
1995-96	(V)	Verbandsliga Niederrhein	10th
1996-97	(V)	Verbandsliga Niederrhein	11th
1997-98	(V)	Verbandsliga Niederrhein	1st
1998-99	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		2nd
1999-00	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		7th
2000-01	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		5th
2001-02	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		7th
2002-03	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		4th
2003-04	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		5th
2004-05	(IV)	Oberliga Nordrhein		4th	voluntary relegation
2005-06	(VI)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	9th
2006-07	(VI)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	5th
2007-08	(VI)	Landesliga Niederrhein-3	

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