Union Salzgitter

A club that was on the verge of respectability in the late 1970s, but has since vanished off the radar.

Union was originally founded in 1920 (in the Gasthaus "Zur Börse"), with soccer as the first sport. Others were added over the years, but the club was disbanded in 1940 for the duration of the war. After WW-II, several clubs compted under the banner of Sportfreunde Salzgitter, although most broke off and started there own clubs. Whatever was left over took the name Union again in 1953. (The name "Sportfreunde" was then acquired by SpFr Lebenstedt, which "moved" to Salgzitter in 1963.).

After obscurity, the club began to make a move by the mid 1970s. The highpoint was 1977, when Union played for promotion into the 2.Liga Nord. They had a couple of more runs, but then got relegated in 1985, and disappeared from view. They appear to kicking around in the 9th division, possibly in a "spielgemeinschaft" with Fortuna Salzgitter.

Full Name Sportverein Union 1920 e.V. Salzgitter-Bad
City Salzgitter. Pop: 106,665 (2007)
Address Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 110/112, 38259 Salzgitter
Phone: 05341-32831
Colors All white or blue and white
Stadium Union-Stadion. Capacity: 5,000
Originally held some 8,000 when opened in 1966. Until then, Union had played at the Am Schlingelahweg since 1921.
Pub Grub The "Pizzeria Da Pino e Angelo" is the club sponsor (2007).
The Net Official site: www.union-sz.de

Recent History:

1963-64	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen-Ost	5th
1964-65	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	4th
1965-66	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	15th
1966-67	(IV)	Verbandsliga Niedersachsen-Ost	5th
1967-68	(IV)	Verbandsliga Niedersachsen-Ost	4th
1968-69	(IV)	Verbandsliga Niedersachsen-Ost	1st
1969-70	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	2nd
1970-71	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	2nd
1971-72	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	5th
1972-73	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	1st
1973-74	(III)	Amateurliga Niedersachsen	3rd
1974-75	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		12th
1975-76	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		5th
1976-77	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		2nd
1977-78	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		9th
1978-79	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		3rd
1979-80	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		5th
1980-81	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		3rd
1981-82	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		11th
1982-83	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		8th
1983-84	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nord		17th
1984-85	(IV)	Verbandsliga Niedersachsen	18th

2004-05	(VIII)	Kreisliga Salzgitter
2005-06	(VIII)	Kreisliga Salzgitter		6th
2006-07	(VIII)	Kreisliga Salzgitter		5th
2007-08	(VIII)	Kreisliga Salzgitter

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