SV Motor Cottbus-Saspow

This is a small but enthusiastic amateur club that plays in the Kreisliga Niederlausitz in the Spreewald area of eastern Germany. (I'm guessing that would be around the 8th division). They are currently interested in playing friendlies against all comers...

The club was founded back in 1903, although they couldn't find any documentation of the fact. An old member remembers that it was started as a Arbeiter Turn-und Sportverein back then.

Fullname SportVerein Motor Cottbus-Saspow
Foes Cottbus (Brandenburg). Pop: 103,807 (2007). Also known as "Chosebusz" in Sorbisch. Saspow is a district.
Address Kleine Strasse 7, D-03044 Cottbus
Tel: 0355 / 87 00 68
Colors Blue and white jersey, blue shorts and socks.
Stadium Two small grass fields, no stands or seating. A locker room for changing.
Tickets Only DM 2 for adults, youth free! No charge on youth or friendly matches. (Obviously pre-euro days).
Supporters "Up to 150-300 fans show up, and on occasion up to 50 make a road trip. A friendly atmosphere. Players generally receive personal encouragement rather than audience led cheers." 60 fans for the match against ESV Forst (2007).
Friends St. Vincent FC of London, England! and the "Campus Kickers" of Dresden.
Foes None really. The hottest rivals are nearby village teams of Skadow and Doebbrick, but the atmosphere is always friendly.
Beer Berliner Pilsner and Wernersgruener
Grub and Pub The usual sausages (DM 2) and beer is DM 1.50 for 0.5 liter. For larger meals, there are several pubs and restaurants in the village, only about 500 yards from the field.
The Net, maitained by Falk Rogohsky.

2000-01	(VII)	Kreisliga Niederlausitz 
2001-02	(VIII)	1.Kreisklasse Niederlausitz
2002-03	(VIII)	1.Kreisklasse Niederlausitz	3rd
2003-04	(VIII)	1.Kreisklasse Niederlausitz
2004-05	(VIII)	1.Kreisklasse Niederlausitz
2005-06	(VII)	Kreisliga Niederlausitz		11th
2006-07	(VII)	Kreisliga Niederlausitz		15th
2007-08	(IX)	1.Kreisklasse Niederlausitz

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