FSV Velten


This club was founded in 1948 as SG Velten, and changed to TSG Velten in 1963. In 1971, the club was again renamed, this time as BSG Chemie Velten. The club never had much success, only a couple of seasons in the 2nd division DDR-Liga. With reunification, the club was gain rebuilt, this time as FSV Velten.

Things were slightly better on the field, even making a couple of seasons in the Regionalliga, but financially the situation was untenable. Half way into the 1998 season, the club went bankrupt, and FSV Velten disappeared. The remaining fans and members joined a new club started as SC Oberhavel Velten.

Foes Fußballsportverein Velten 1990 e.V.
City Velten (Brandenburg). Pop: 12,000 (2004). North of Berlin.
Address Germendorfer Straße 73, 16727 Velten
Colors Green/white
Stadium Sportanlage Germendorferstraße Velten. Capacity: 5,000
Pub Grub
The Net

1963-89		lower divisions of GDR

1990-91	(IV)	Landesliga Brandenburg		2nd
1991-92	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nordost-Mitte	15th
1992-93	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nordost-Nord	14th
1993-94	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nordost-Nord	12th
1994-95	(IV)	Oberliga Nordost/Nord		1st
1995-96	(III)	Regionalliga Nordost		15th
1996-97	(III)	Regionalliga Nordost		18th
1997-98	(IV)	Regionalliga Nordost		16th	withdrew after 16 games

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