FV Wannsee

A small club kicking around in the lower divisions of Berlin football.

The roots go back to 1896, when the Männer Turnverein Wannsee was formed. In 1935, they merged with Sportclub Wannsee to form TuS Wannsee. There were no notable results on the football field. The club was disbanded in 1945, and it wasn't until 1950 when it started up again.

This first major success came in 1965, with promotion to Amateurliga Berlin, which was eventually followed by ascent to the Regionalliga, the highest level of Berlin football, in 1969. The soccer section, which had enjoyed semi-independant status since 1971, finally decided to split off and form their own club, so in 1980, FVgg Wannsee was born. The squad was strengthened in 1987, when the soccer section of TuS Makkabi joined forces. This led to the pinnacle of success, promotion into the Amateuroberliga in 1991. Semi-regional competition proved too tough, and a last place finish was no surprise. The union with Makkabi was dissolved in 1997. Since then, they've pretty much been in free-drop down into the netherworlds of Berlinerfussball...

The main problem with Wannsee seems to be that whenever they develop some success, the players desert for more promising clubs, and rebuilding has to start all over again. However, with some 450 members and a strong youth program, the club figures to keep on trying.

Full Name Fussballvereinigung Wannsee e.V. Berlin
City Berlin (Berlin). Pop: 3,388,434 (2002)
Wannsee (pop: 9,316) is a part of the Zehlendorf district in the SW of the city. It was founded in 1299 as the village of Stolpe.
Address Alsenstraße 14, Berlin
Phone: 080-603035
e-mail: wannseesport@gmx.de
Colors Red jersey, white shorts, black socks
Stadium Stadion Wannsee. Capacity: 5,000
Originally constructed in 1926, basically just a sports field. At times they also played at the Karl-Liebknecht-Stadion (14,500) in Babelsberg.
Supporters Cell phone plan (friends and family). In the 3rd division 1991, they only drew 125, so you can imagine what the 8th division looks like...
Heroes The best known player is probably Michel Dinzey, who came up through the youth ranks. He bounced around with several Bundesliga clubs, and was also called up to represent the D.R. Congo a couple of times.
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: www.fv-wannsee.de

Recent History:

		TuS Wannsee

1965-66	(III)	Amateurliga Berlin		6th
1966-67	(III)	Amateurliga Berlin		8th
1967-68	(III)	Amateurliga Berlin		4th
1968-69	(III)	Amateurliga Berlin		1st
1969-70	(II)	Regionalliga Berlin		9th
1970-71	(II)	Regionalliga Berlin		7th
1971-72	(II)	Regionalliga Berlin		11th
1972-73	(III)	Amateurliga Berlin		9th
1973-74	(III)	Amateurliga Berlin		13th

		FVgg Wannsee

1987-88	(IV)	Landesliga Berlin		9th
1988-89	(IV)	Landesliga Berlin		6th
1989-90	(IV)	Landesliga Berlin		6th
1990-91	(IV)	Landesliga Berlin		1st
1991-92	(III)	Am.Oberliga Nordost-Mitte	18th
1992-93	(IV)	Verbandsliga Berlin		11th
1993-94	(IV)	Verbandsliga Berlin		4th
1994-95	(V)	Verbandsliga Berlin		19th
1995-96	(VI)	Landesliga Berlin-2		
1996-97	(VI)	Landesliga Berlin-2		12th
1997-98	(VI)	Landesliga Berlin-2		
1998-99	(VII)	Bezirksliga Berlin

2003-04	(VII)	Bezirksliga Berlin
2004-05	(VIII)	Kreisliga Berlin A-2
2005-06	(VIII)	Kreisliga Berlin A-3		4th
2006-07	(VIII)	Kreisliga Berlin A-3		1st
2007-08	(VII)	Bezirksliga Berlin-3

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