Germany - Faroe Islands 2:1 (1:1)

Match Number:	725
Date:		16.10.2002
Location:	Hannover
Competition:	European Championship Qualifier

Kahn - 
A. Friedrich, Ramelow (46. Freier), Wörns - 
Frings, Jeremies, Hamann, B. Schneider (87. Kehl), Ballack - 
Jancker (69. Neuville), Klose 
Coach: Völler 

Mikkelsen - 
Johannesen, J.R. Jacobsen - 
Thorsteinsson, J.K. Hansen - 
Borg (71. Eltoer), Johnsson, Hansen , Benjaminsen - 
J. Petersen (87. J.Petersen), av Flötum (78. C.H. Petersen) 
Coach: Larsen 

1:0 Ballack (2., penalty, "assist" Jancker), 
1:1 A. Friedrich (45+1., own goal, "assist" Borg)
2:1 Klose (59., assist Freier)
Referee: Koren (Israel)
Yellow cards: Wörns, Wörns - Johannesen, Thorsteinsson 

Attendance: 36,628 

What a disgraceful performance by the DFB! This has to rank up there with last week's lame effort against Bosnia and the 0-3 thumping against the USA a couple of years ago. Against a bunch of fishermen the overpaid Bundesliga stars could only manage two measly goals.

Things started out decently. Jancker was held in the box and Ballack scored from the spot to get things going. But the Faroese were enable to absorb the German attacks with disciplined defending. Meanwhile, despite dominating play, the DFB squad mainly was content to kick the ball around, only dangerous when coming down the wings. As it was, Jancker missed a couple of sitters (what else is new?), and Frings also had a decent chance. Then the stunner at half-time: Woerns was beaten by Borg down the flank, and Arno Friedrich covered himself with glory as he leapt high and headed into his own net.

In desperation, coach Rudi Voeller brought on changes. Aside from Michael Ballack, who was the best player on the German side, adding Bochum's Freier at least added something, as Klose headed in his cross to give the Germans the lead. The rest of the game was unreal, as the Germans laid back and defended against the pipsqueaks. Unbelievable, but an attentive Kahn and the post was needed to bring home the win.

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