Germany - Cyprus 4:0 (2:0)

Match Number: 	797
Date:		17-November-2007
Location:	Hannover
Competition:	Euro 2008 Qualifying

A. Friedrich, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Lahm
Fritz (77.  Hilbert), Podolski
Trochowski (66.  Borowski)
Gomez (72.  Hanke), Klose
Theodotou (27. Nikolaou), Christou, Lambrou, Garpozis
Charalambidis (46. Theofilou), Satsias, Makridis, Aloneftis
Okkas, Constantinou (69. Yiasoumis)
1:0 Fritz (2.) 
2:0 Klose (20.) 
3:0 Podolski (53.) 
4:0 Hitzlsperger (82.) 
Referee: Rasmussen (Denmark) 

Attendance:  45,016 (sold out) 

Yawn. Germany beats Cyprus.

Basically, a ho-hum performance for the DFB squad. Qualification for Euro 2008 was already assured, so they really didn't have much to play for - except to erase the disgrace of their last performance against Cyprus, a measly draw for which they should be truly embarassed. Plus of course, they kinda sucked against the Czechs in their last match...

Head coach Joachim Lw had to make lots of changes in his squad, as many regulars were out due to injury. This opened up some opportunities for the benchwarmers to strut their stuff. One to take advantage was wonderboy "Prince" Lukas Podolski, who can't even get in a game at bayern. But he started brilliantly, dribbling around three defenders and crossing to Clemens Fritz, whose flying header found the net for the early lead. The Germans kept attacking, and a quarter of an hour later, Miro Klose put them up 2-0. The match was basically over, as the Cypriots were worthless. The DFB squad, except for the engeretic Podolski, basically went to sleep, and the fans at least could go get their beer and sausages before halftime. In fact, the Cypriots almost got a goal after about 30 minutes, as Aloneftis was left wide open by a snoozing German defense. But instead of sticking his foot in his mouth, which is what he usually does, GK Jens Lehmann made a foot save.

In the 2nd half, aside from some further demos by Prinz Poldi (including a goal and a shot off the post), there wasn't much to write home about. All in all, a ho-hum win against a crap opponent.

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