German National Squad

The German National squad is clearly one of the world's elite teams. Only Brazil has won more World Cups, and hardly anyone can show a record of success that Germany has built up since WWII.

The national squad has almost always exhibited the virtues of German soccer: "fight till you drop" and "never give up." That, combined with a consistent ball control philosophy has led to virtually every international title.

To be sure, they are also lucky sons-a-bitches, judging from some of their crappy performances in which they've somehow pulled out a victory. They're probably also the most hated team in Europe, mainly out of jealousy, which is fair enough. (OK, England is probably hated more, but mainly because of the behaviour of their so-called fans.) But hey, sometimes you make your own luck, and if the other team is too crap to prevent it, then they've got nothing to complain about...

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