German - English Soccer terms

OK, this is obviously a work in progress, and it needs a lot of corrections and additions. Well, if you were so clever, you wouldn't need to read this list anyway, so bear with me :)

Before we get to the terms, a few points about German in general:

If you're like most Americans, then your entire German vocabulary consists of words from World War II movies, with terms like "Sieg Heil", "Heil Hitler" and "Schweinehund". I must point out that the first two terms have been rarely used outside Hollywood and certain areas of South America in the last 50 years. (However, the last phrase is in fact very practical, as evidenced by the first English words every German schoolboy learns: "pig dog".) If you've watched Franka Potente in "The Borne Identity", you've probably picked up "Scheisse" as well...

The German language is deliberately designed to make it difficult for foreigners to comprehend. They have cleverly combined the worse features of Latin with Teutonic thoroughness of attention to detail.

The main points are as follows:

1) Every word has a case, which is apparently assigned by a random number generator. However, the main thing is that it should be impossible for non-Germans to actually figure out what's going on.

2) Long words are better than short words, so combine words to make a longer single word. Or be like George Dubya and make up words.

3) Put lots of commas in a sentence, which should be at least a paragraph in length.

4) Die Ausnahme bestätigt die Regel. This term is used by the native speaker when he can't explain the grammatical rule. Comes in very handy.

Having said that, now on to the terms:


Needless to say, there is some tongue in cheek, particularily in the latter sections. So don't get all bent out of shape with the description of "Hooligan" or "Borussia" like various folks have. Apparently it was beyond their limited mental capacity as Borussian Hooligans. HEY, IT WAS A JOKE, but maybe that's stating the obvious.

 The Field:

     	Anstoss 	= kickoff
     	Ecke  		= corner     	
     	Endlinie  	= endline; goal-line 
     	Elfmeter 	= "eleven meters" (penalty) 
     	Feld 		= the field, the pitch 
	Kasten 		= "box", penalty area or goal
	Latte 		= crossbar
     	Mittelfeld 	= the middle/half of the field 
	Netz 		= net
	Pfosten 	= post
     	Strafraum 	= the penalty box 
     	Seitenlinie 	= sideline; touchline (Usually just "Aus", i.e. "Out")
     	Strafpunkt	= penalty spot
	Tor 		= goal
	links/rechts 	= left/right  
	vorwärts/rückwärts = forwards/backwards
The Teams:

     	Aufstellung 	= the lineups; the roster 
     	Elf 		= "eleven" 
     	Gäste 	= visiting team 
     	Heim 		= home team 
     	Mannschaft 	= team 
     	Trainer 	= "trainer" (UK:club manager, US: Head coach)
     	Verein 		= club
     	Vorstand 	= directorship

The Players:

     	Verteidiger = defender 
     	Angreifer	= forward; attacker 
     	Angriff 	= attack 
	Abwehr 		= defense
     	Ausländer 	= foreigner	
     	"Joker"		= a sub who comes in and scores goals
     	Mittelfeldspieler = midfielder 
     	(links;rechts)aussen = (left;right)wingers 
     	Reserven 	= reserve players 
	Spiel 		= game
     	Spieler 	= player 
     	Spitze 		= usually a lone striker; any forward
	Strafraumschwalbe = "penalty box swallow", i.e. diver 
	Stürmer 	= "stormer", i.e. forward
     	Torjäger 	= a goal scorer, one who scores very often 
     	Torschützenkönig = leading goalscorer 
     	Torwart; Torhüter = goalkeeper 
     	verletzt 	= injured 

The Fans:

     	Zuschauer 		= the attendance 
     	"Fans", Anhänger 	= fans, followers 
     	Hooligans 		= people from England
	Fahne 			= flag
	Szene 			= the "scene", usually fan clubs and rowdy behavior
Rules and Standings:

     	Stand	 		= the score 
     	Anfang 			= the beginning, the start (of the season,of the game,etc) 
     	Erste Hälfte 		= first half 
     	Zweite Hälfte 		= second half 
     	Schiedsrichter 		= the referee 
     	Linienrichter 		= linesman
     	Ein/Aus wechseln  	= substitute in/out
     	Meisterschaft 		= the championship, season 
     	die "playoffs" 		= the playoffs 
     	Relegation 		= playoffs for promotion (insane Germans!)
	Aufstieg 		= promotion
     	Abstieg 		= relegation 
     	Hin/Rück(runde/spiel) = 1st/2nd (round/leg) 
     	unbesiegt 		= undefeated 
     	Gelbe Karte 		= yellow card 
     	Rot; Rote Karte 	= red card 
     	Platzverweiss, Rauswurf = ejection 

Technical Terms: 

     	Abseits 		= offside; also world famous tour guide
     	Ecke; Eckball; Eckstoss = corner kick 
     	Einwurf 		= throw in 
     	Flanke 			= cross; center (e.g. into the penalty area) 
     	Freistoss 		= free kick 
     	Foul, Infraktion 	= foul, infraction 
     	Elfmeter, Strafstoss, "penalty" = penalty kick 
     	Bank 			= the bench 
     	Auswechseln 		= the substitution 
	warm laufen 		= warming up (reserve players) 
     	zu Hause 		= at home 
     	zu Besuch, auswärts = on the road 
     	Volley 			= first-time shot; one-time 
     	Fallrückzieher 	= bicycle kick; overhead volley 
     	Flugkopfball 		= diving header 
     	Schuss 			= shot at goal 
     	Torschuss 		= goalkick 
     	Bombensschuss 		= a REALLY hard shot at goal, usually from long distance 
     	Sonntagsschuss 		= a REALLY hard shot at goal, usually from long distance 
     	Ausgleich		= to tie/draw 
     	Kopfball, Kopfstoss	= header 
     	Ellbogen 		= elbow  
     	Schulter 		= shoulder
	Knie 			= knee
	Bein 			= Leg
	Fuss 			= foot  
     	Handball 		= handball
	Knaller			= a "banger", i.e. hard shot		
	Konter 			= counterattack 
     	durch die Mitte 	= to/through the middle 
     	Mauer 			= the defensive wall during a free kick 
     	mauern 			= to "wall" (defend), play like Italians
     	Pass 			= pass 
     	Kurzpass 		= very short passing
     	Rückgabe 		= return pass 
     	siegen 			= to win 
     	verlieren 		= to lose 
     	kämpfen 		= to fight (for the ball, for the win, with each other, etc.) 
	Bankholzsplinterimarschverletzung = "Wooden bench splinter in arse injury", 
		a severe disabling injury effecting many American players,
		like Frankie Hejduk, who sign with a club that's too good and end
		up not playing. Claudio Reyna had this debilitating
		injury, but found a cure by going to Wolfsburg, but then 
                had a recurrence and was forced to go to Scotland. Jovan Kirovski 
                was also rumoured to have this injury, but it turned out that 
                he was just a crappy player :)

Team names:

04,09, 1860 etc. 	= year club was founded
Alemannia 		= "Germany" (latin)
Arminia 		= another Latin term (read Tacitus)
Bayer 			= Bayer chemical company
Bayern 			= Bavaria
Blau-Weiss 		= Blue-White
Borussia 		= Bosnian-Russian exiles, or another word for "Preussen"
BSG 			= Betriebssportgemeinschaft = Operation Sports Union (GDR)
Carl Zeiss 		= Optics manufacturing firm in East Germany
Chio 			= Potato chip company, ex-sponsor of Waldhof Mannheim
DJK			= Deutsche Jugend Kraft (catholic youth sports organization)
Dynamo 			= Dynamo, East German Secret Police club (GDR)
Eintracht 		= United
FC, FK, 1.FC 		(FussballKlub) = Football club, "1st" football club
Fortuna 		= luck
Gruen-Weiss 		= Green-White
Hansa 			= medieval city league states
Hessen 			= Hessia, state in Germany
Hertha 			= Women's name, also "the strong" : some dopey Berliner term
Holstein 		= province in northern Germany
KFC 			(Krefelder Fussball Club) = Uerdingen is district of Krefeld
MSV 			(Meidericher SV) = district of Duisburg
Preussen 		= Prussia, old state in Germany
Rot-Weiss 		= Red-White
Sachsen 		= Saxony
Sachsenring 		= East German auto manufacturer
Schalke 		= a district of Gelsenkirchen
Schwarz-Weiss 		= Black-White
SC 			(Sportclub)
SG 			(Spielgemeinschaft) =  sport or playing union
SpFr 			(SportFreunde) = Friends of Sport
SpVgg 			(Spielverreiniggung) = "Playing union"
SSV 			(Spiel und Sportverein) = Games and Sports club
SV 			(Sportverein) = Sports club
TSV 			(TurnSportverein) = Gymnastics Sports Club
TuS 			(Turn und Sport) = Gymnastics and Sports
VfB 			(Verein für Bewegungsspiele) = club for "movement" sports
VfL 			(Verein für Leibesübungen) = club for body activities
VfR 			(Verein für Rasensport) = club for grass/field sports
Wacker 			= brave

GDR club names

Note: in the GDR, clubs were organized by industry and state departments.

Aktivist        "Activist"      (Strip Mining, Fuels)
Chemie          "Chemistry"     (Chemical, Glass, Ceramics)
Dynamo          "Dynamo"        (State Police and Security)
Empor           "Upwards"       (Consumer goods, food)
Energie         "Energy"        (Energy and Coal)
Einheit         "Union"         (State organizations, government)
Fortschritt     "Progress"      (Light industry and textiles)
Lokomotive      "Locomotive"    (Transport)
Motor           "Motor"         (Machine and Auto manufacturing)
Post            "Postal"        (Mail, News and Information)
Rotation        "Rotation"      (polygraphics, printing)
Stahl           "Steel"         (Metallurgy)
Traktor         "Tractor"       (Agriculture)
Turbine         "Turbine"       (Merchant marine, ship building)
Vorwarts        "Forwards"      (Armed Forces)
Wismut          (a metal)       (Mining)

Team/fan nicknames:

Arschloch 		= any opposing fan
Bazis 			= How others call Bayern Muenchen fans
Bornheimer 		= district of Frankfurt, FSV Frankfurt fans
Der Club 		= 1.FC Nürnberg
Fohlen			= (Foals; young horses)  Moenchengladbach
Geisböcke 		= (Goats) FC Koeln
Himmelblauen 		= (sky blues) Chemnitzer FC, others like 1860
Knappen 		= Schalke
Lilien 			= (lilies) Darmstadt
Löwen 			= (lions) TSV 1860 München; also Wuppertal and others
Meidericher		= district of Duisburg (MSV)
Reeperbahn 		= a fun neighborhood in Hamburg; where St.Pauli plays
Roten Teufel 		= (red devils) Kaiserslautern
Ruhrpottkanacken 	= (Ruhr Valley niggers) Schalke fans
Schwaene		= (swans) FSV Zwickau
Störche			= (storks) Holstein Kiel
Tanussteiner 		= SV Wehen
Veilchen 		= (violets) Erzgebirge Aue

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