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Future Plans I'm always bouncing around ideas to improve the info, and suggestions are always welcome. Listed below are some of the things I'd like to get around to when time permits:

* - GDR football history
* - DFB Cup history
* - More Soccer Beer details
* - Dead clubs (pre 1945), especially in former German territories

December 2011

Introduced WordPress Blog format for News

Added a Twitter feed (abseitssoccer) as an experiment

Updated some historical stats through 2011

August 2011

Temporary shutdown of site due to work constraints. Hopefully will start up again...

October 2007

Updated a lot of the Soccer beers to at least include links to the brewery. Of course you have to know German, but if you're THAT interested in German soccer, why haven't you started yet?!

October 2005

Updating GDR soccer history.

Updated history to include Regionalliga 1963-74 (2nd divisions).

Added essay on derbies

December 2004

Added a "News" section for general blog-like commentary.

Added GDR winners to Players of the Year listing.

Added new section Who's Who on major personalities in German football. Mostly players, some officials. Includes "Player Rating".

Added some details on league attendance figures.

Starting a new section on beer, but not yet officially released. Basic brewery info, links and soccer clubs.

New clubs: Dresden-Nord, VfB Pössneck, FC Oberlausitz, Dresden 06 Laubegast, Germania Halberstadt, VfR Auerbach, Eintracht Sondershausen, FC Eilenburg, SV Dessau 05, ZFC Meuselwitz, Tasmania Berlin, Adler Osterfeld, Yurdumspor Köln, 1.FC Kleve, GFC Düren, SV Düren 99, Borussia Freialdenhoven, TuRu Düsseldorf, FC Junkersdorf, FC Südtirol, Minerva Berlin, FV Wannsee

November 2004

New regional info on the Freistaat Schwenten, Luxembourg and Germany, USA. Also additional info on Austria.

Started linking with official city internet sites. All in German, but some might have English translation.

Profiles now available on all 1st-3rd division clubs. Overall approximately 280 club profiles.

New clubs: 1.FC Pforzheim, VfL Klafeld-Geisweid, SV Lichtenberg, FC Schönberg, FC Rastatt, FV Speyer, ASV Landau, FC Vaduz, Eintracht Gelsenkirchen, STV Horst-Emscher, Union Salzgitter, 1.FC Wolfsburg, SC Weimar, Einheit Wernigerode, Offenburger FV, DSC Wanne-Eickel, FC Nöttingen, Meiendorfer SV, Eider Büdelsdorf, Anker Wismar, Berliner AK07, MSV Neuruppin, TSG Neustrelitz, Ludwigsfelder FC

October 2004 Updating lower division finishes of clubs (generally Verbandsliga/Landesliga, when available). Also some updates to national team.

New essay: "An Englishman in Recklinghausen", guest article by David Potts.

New clubs: SpFr Eisbachtal, VfR Baumholder, SG Andernach, Bahlinger SC, SpVgg Bayreuth, FV Biberach, FC Recklinghausen, Blau-Weiss Recklinghausen, Bornaer SV, Leu Braunschweig, Bremer SV, Glückauf Brieske-Senftenberg, FC Anhalt-Dessau, Wacker München, Südwest Ludwigshafen, Viktoria Frankfurt/Oder, Westfalia Herne, Heider SV, Itzehoer SV, VfR Kaiserslautern, Würzburger FV, Würzburger Kickers, VfB Wissen, Eichholzer SV, Phönix Lübeck, Stahl Riesa, Eimsbüttler TV, VfL Pinneberg, Vatan Spor Bremen, ESV Ingolstadt, MTV Ingolstadt, FC Ingolstadt, SV Grimma, Comet Kiel, Kilia Kiel, Röchling Völklingen, Eintracht Bad Kreuznach, VfR Heilbronn, FC Ensdorf, Greiburger FC, Greifswalder SV, Freiburger FC, Eintracht Schwerin, Normannia Gmünd, FC Villingen, VfL Neckarau, SpFr Saarbrücken, SC Herford, TSV Havelse, Schleswig 06, TSB Flensburg, Flensburg 08, Pommern Stralsund, Motor Eberswalde, SGK Heidelberg

May 2004 New clubs: 1.FC Mülheim-Styrum, VfR Neumünster, FC Eschborn, 1.SC Feucht
April 2004 Finished basic club revisions.

New clubs: Wormatia Worms, Phönix Bellheim, VfR Bürstadt, Preussen Berlin, Meteor Berlin, Blumenthaler SV, VfB Fichte Bielefeld, Makkabi Berlin, Turkiyemspor Berlin, BSV92 Berlin, Yesilyurt Berlin

February 2004 Continue to work on revisions. Adding new line items for "City", and also "Heroes" and "Zeroes", regarding famous/infamous figures associated with the clubs.
January 2004 Working on revisions of profiles, to include more info on league participation of individual clubs.

New clubs: BSC Brandenburg Süd

August 2002 Well, I finally removed the "Current News" section. Or at least in the current format. I figure it will be easier to go to other sources to get current news, and this way I can concentrate on historical items, or whatever whims I have. Among other things, I've added all goal scorers for German internationals and added addtional info on soccer in Liechtenstein

Essays: "Saarland for the World Cup", an account of soccer in Saarland when it was a French puppet state after WWII.

new clubs: Added two German speaking Belgian clubs, Eupen and St.Vith. Additional info on FSV Mainz.

July 2002 Work on internationals continue, with a complete record of DDR internationals: matches, players, goal scorers.
December 2001 I finally broke down and registered an official URL, www.abseits-soccer.com. Not that I expect lots of hits, but it looks nicer :) Also started a new section on the National squad (matches, players, records, etc.)

Essays: "Duisburger SV" a defunct "traditional" club that has been merged into Eintracht Duisburg, newly profiled in the Club section.

October 2001 A new Essay section started. This will contain both historical research and whimsy articles that strike my fancy. The initial articles include "Arbeiterfussball", "Soccer in the 3rd Reich", and "Wuppertaler SV 1974-75"
September 2001 Finished updating all team profiles. Added Champions, Cup Winners (including GDR) back to 1903.

New clubs: OSV Hannover, SpFr Doenberg, Borussia Wuppertal, Bayer Wuppertal, Alsenborn, Hof

August 2000 Finished annual league summaries. Added new clubs: Luener SV, VfB Theley
July 2000 General updating of pages throughout the site.

Added some new clubs: Alemannia-Wacker Berlin, OSC Bremerhaven

May 2000 Moved the Web hosting moved from verio.com to sonic.net, since verio sucked.
January 2000 Added section "Soccer Book Reviews". This will help suffering Americans see what they're missing as they have to settle for "Soccer for Dummies" and "US Women win the World Cup" drivel. Added some Austrian clubs: FC Kaerten (Austria Klagenfurt), Slovenski Atletski Klub, mainly because I visited Klagenfurt.
September 1999 New clubs: Added Rheydter SV. Don't know why.
August 1999 Added a whole bunch of new clubs: Barmbek, Pirmasens, Idar-Oberstein, Aalen, Bremerhaven, Goettingen, Sproeckhoevel, Wilhelmshaven, Erkenschwick, Fuerstenwalde, Wegberg-Beeck
July 1999 Added info on 1999-2000 season
June 1999 Added 1998-99 season descriptions. New box for nicknames in club profiles, although generally not used in German soccer.
July 1998 "New" ISP: WCO is bought by Verio. Merger is lame, crashing website.
June 1998 Approximately 70% finished for initial state. Take Break for the World Cup...
May 1998 About Approximately 50% finished.
April 1998 Website launched! Amid tremendous fanfare! Not counting myself, we had, at least, 5 vistors!

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