DFB-Pokal: AK-47 assault!

The main round of the Cup has started, and Berlin AK-47 (OK, they’re actually AK-07, but for obvious reasons AK-47 sounds better) delivered a huge upset, as they gunned down Hoffenheim. AK-47 is a ho-hum Regionalliga club (4th division), so Hapless-heim’s defeat is probably the most disgraceful in the history of the Cup. There have been other top-flight clubs that have lost over the years – indeed it’s expected every year that someone stubs their toe – but Hopeless-heim was totally dominated and got their ass ripped. What an embarassment!! On the positive side, it is the stuff legends are made of, and the greatest match in the history of the Berliners. The only sad piece is that only wives and the players girlfriends witnessed this historic victory.

Since the DFB likes an exicting cup, the lower division teams automatically get home field advantage when paired with a Bundesliga/2.Liga club. Some choose to a larger stadium, but others simply play on their usual home field. Most of the favored clubs won, but several had to do a lot of work. Aside from the AK-47 assault, Offenbach pulled a great result as well, as they knocked out new Bundesligist Greuther Fürth.

there were of course some ho-hum matches. Dortmund scored early and basically pushed the ball around a bit in beating Bremen’s Oberneuland, who were happy to have “the biggest match in club history”. Stuttgart and Wolfsburg made sure they’d have no problems with their amateur opponents.

1st main round, DFB-Pokal

SG Sonnenhof Großaspach	 -    FSV Frankfurt	       1:2 (1:2)   1,436
VfB Lübeck	         -    Eintracht Braunschweig   0:3 (0:1)   6,411
SV Wilhelmshaven	 -    FC Augsburg	       0:2 (0:1)   4,098
Hallescher FC	         -    MSV Duisburg	       0:1 (0:1)   8,506
FC Oberneuland	         -    Borussia Dortmund	       0:3 (0:2)  19,325
Victoria Hamburg	 -    SC Freiburg	       1:2 (1:1)   4,375
SpVgg Unterhaching	 -    1. FC Köln	       1:2 (0:2)   7,500
SV Falkensee-Finkenkrug	 -    VfB Stuttgart	       0:5 (0:2)   7,250
Offenburger FV	         -    FC St. Pauli	       0:3 (0:1)  10,000
Carl Zeiss Jena	         -    Bayer Leverkusen	       0:4 (0:2)  10,000 
Berliner AK 07	         -    1899 Hoffenheim	       4:0 (3:0)   1,468
Alemannia Aachen	 -    Borussia M'gladbach      0:2 (0:0)  31,736 	
1. FC Heidenheim	 -    VfL Bochum	       0:2 (0:2)   7,500
FC Schönberg 95	         -    VfL Wolfsburg	       0:5 (0:3)   3,487
Kickers Offenbach	 -    SpVgg Greuther Fürth     2:0 (1:0)   7,620

(more matches on Sunday/Monday)	

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