WC Qualifier: Friggin disgrace!!

Unbelievable. Germany leads 4-0 at home to Sweden and only draws 4-4. This has got to be the worst result in the history of German football. Sure, there have been terrible losses and disappointing results, but never has a German team lead 4-0 after an hour and not been able to hold a result. This is worse than sucking and getting a crap result. The defenders and midfielders need to be whipped. (Where is Hadschi Halef Omar Ben Hadschi Abul Abbas Ibn Hadschi Dawuhd al Gossarah and his Peitsche when you need him?! Sorry, inside joke for German speakers). I would imagine that Matts Hummels is thanking his lucky stars he’s injured, and Höwedes and Westermann are happy they didn’t get subbed in.

This should be a topic of those “Hitler “Der Untergang” parodies on Youtube!!

At some point I suppose I might do a real writeup, but now I’m too shocked.

Deutschland    -    Schweden     4:4 (3:0)

1:0  Klose (8., Reus)
2:0  Klose (15., Reus)
3:0  Mertesacker (39., T. Müller)
4:0  Özil (55., T. Müller)
4:1  Ibrahimovic (62., Källström)
4:2  Lustig (64., Källström)
4:3  Elmander (76., Kacaniklic)
4:4  R. Elm (90. + 3)

Attendance: 70,000 (Olympiastadion, Berlin)

Neuer - 
Boateng, Mertesacker, Badstuber, Lahm        - 
Kroos, Schweinsteiger    - 
T. Müller, Özil, Reus       - 
67. M. Götze for T. Müller
88. Podolski for Reus
Trainer: Löw

Isaksson    - 
Lustig, Granqvist, J. Olsson, Safari - 
Wernbloom, Holmén    - 
Larsson, Ibrahimovic, R. Elm     - 
46. Källström for Wernbloom
46. Kacaniklic for Holmén
78. Sana for Larsson
Trainer: Hamrén

7 thoughts on “WC Qualifier: Friggin disgrace!!

  1. The first 20 minutes looked good and I was wondering whether Klose would top the record books, but alas, the let it go. Pretty lame defending really and why didn’t they shut up shop and lock down the defence like they used to in the good old days leading up the WM’90??

    • I couldn’t believe what I saw yesterday. Truly shocking and disppointing.
      There seems to be a general lack of fighting spirit within this young German team. They are all well prepared (brainwashed?) when it comes to tv interviews (better: soundbites) immediately after a game (am happy that I was nominated, the team is important, it wasn’t easy, respect etc. blah blah) but unprepared when it is time to fight and ‘eat grass’. In the last two years, the German defense has declined as much as the offense has inclined. The height of Löw’s games as a trainer was the wc quarter final vs. Argentina – that was a fantastic all-team-defense as well as offense. Since then – regression. Hope his successor will be Herr Klopp and this asap. Before, the players might need ‘a few’ coaching units with Felix Magath…

      • Klopp, given his temperament, just isn’t made for the NT job, which is way too political for him. He shaped a team of young unknowns into a back-to-back German champion. At the NT level, you’re dealing with very different types of players as well as external forces. As much as I’d like to see it.

  2. Lousy marking by Badstuber on the first three Swedish goals. But I bet we won’t hear anything like the criticism directed at Hummels (Euros) and Schmelzer. Kicker, for instance, is trying to spread the blame evenly…

    • For me Badstuber is not international class. He seems to make a lot of mistakes,. then stands and whines about it! The same goes for Boateng. I’d like to see both of them replaced as soon as possible as they do not inspire confindence!

      Plus it was a nice forearm smash by Ibra in the build up for the 4th goal!

  3. Central pair for Starting XI:- Hummels, Howedes
    Back-Up/Subs:- Wollscheid, Westermann

    Also, Keissling and Scheiber should be groomed for center forward role, maybe Muller too if he can play there.

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