Misc news: Show me the money…

Despite not winning anything, Bayern München did well at the cash register. Turnover of the football division was apparently 332 million euros, which led to an after-tax profit of 11.1 million. (Even after they paid out millions in dividends to the parent club, and partners like Audi and Addidas). In addition, they picked up another 40 million from ownership of the Allianz-Arena. Players and staff ended up costing 165 million, but picking up some 60+ million from the Champions League certainly helped that. Bayern’s cash reserves are supposedly at around 278 million. Pretty heady stuff, here’s one club that doesn’t have to worry about “financial-fair-play”. The club also announced they have 188,000 card carrying members.

Eintracht Braunschweig is doing well. The club announced a profit of 1.7 million euros on turnover of 17 million. This compares favorably with a surplus of 235,000 euros from the previous year, which was their first profit since 2007.

MSV Duisburg is in dire financial straits as well. Of course, the Zebras have stunk on the field, and are in a relegation spot. However the cloud of insolvency is hanging over the Meiderichers head. The board has stated publicly that they believe that negotiations with creditors and new sponsors have progressed to the point that there will be no insolvency. But where have you heard that before?

Regionalliga Nord (4th division) traditional VfB Lübeck is also in the dregs. The Lübecks are apparently in a provisional insolvency proceeding, audits showing the need to raise some 500,000 euros in order to stay clean. If not, they’ll get a court appointed admin, and presumably be forcibly relegated.

More Alemannia Aachen news. It’s about time, but that wanker president Meino Heyer or Heino Meyer or whatever-his-name-is, has been forced out of office. This is a good thing, since he was basically lying straight-faced about things not being that bad, then blaming it all on his finance director, and finally getting the club into bankruptcy proceedings, basically meaning that Alemannia gets relegated from the 3.Liga. (I guess that means that all their matches are sort-of friendlies, although they haven’t forfeited any points yet, and all their matches count.) The suffering – and loyal – Aachen fans deserve better, so let’s hope the new regime begins to clean things up. Further good news is that Bayern München has announced they’ll play a friendly in Aachen, all proceeds going to Alemannia. Bayern may be run by blowhards, but they’ve consistently been generous in helping out smaller/troubled clubs with lucrative friendlies.

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  1. I feel for the Aacheners, but agree with the FC Hollywood comments. Darmstadt were in dire straits about 4 years ago and nearly went into insolvency. As part of the recovery efforts, they played a friendly against Bayern at the Boellenfalltor and kept the gate takings which boosted the koffers. They lost 8:1 or 8:0 or something, but it was an important gesture. Lets hope Aachen can keep afloat even if they are playing in the Regionaliga.

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