Babbel raus!

Hoffenheim has decided that they’re sucking too much, so they fired coach Markus Babbel. The desolate performance against bremen was the last straw, and GM Andreas Müller reasoned he had no choice, as the noose is tightening around his own neck. No word on who is going to take over, perhaps Jose Mourinho or maybe Pep Guardiola. If they want to stay German, perhaps Hennes Weisweiler or Helmut Schön could be persuaded to come out of, err, permanent retirement…

OK, I know I’m being silly, but Hoffenheim looks like a rudderless ship. I guess firing the coach is the only thing they could do, but Babbel was not a very good choice in the first place. The players appear uninterested and it’s unclear if even a semi-psycho like Felix Magath could “inspire” them. It would be entertaining if nothing else, since several players would have magath’s boot prominently imprinted on their ass, and Magath could then go and waste even more of Dietmar Hopp’s money…

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