DFB Pokal: Ho-Hum

No real upsets, although Schalke tanking at home against Hoffenheim could be considered a minor upset, if only because you wouldn’t expect the Knappen to stink so much in front of their own fans.

There really weren’t many interesting matchups either, as most of the lower division clubs had already been eliminated. Saarbrücken was the only 3.Liga club, and they were the beneficiary of a dream matchup against Dortmund. They tried hard, but even the Dortmund second string had little difficulty getting the win. Bayern München continues to defend their triple in the Cup as well, and had a routine win against Augsburg. The main news here is that red-hot Arjen Robben scored a quick opener again, but then went off injured with a knee gash, so it could be an expensive win.

Attendance wasn’t too bad, as half the matches were sellouts. Most encouraging was perhaps in Hamburg, as it showed that there still is interest in having 1. FC Köln show up, despite their 2.Liga status.

Wolfsburg came closest to being an upset victim, but the VWs were lucky that Ingolstadt GK Özcan gifted them two goals and they escaped (nobody was watching, so another “benefit” to this crap performance). Little Sandhausen gave Eintracht Frankfurt a scare, as it took a late spurt by the favored side to get the win.

1. FC Union Berlin   -   1. FC Kaiserslautern	0:3 (0:2)   21,717 *
Hamburger SV	     -   1. FC Köln     	2:1 (1:0)   57,000 *
FC Schalke 04	     -   1899 Hoffenheim	1:3 (0:3)   51,078
1. FC Saarbrücken    -   Borussia Dortmund	0:2 (0:1)   30,931 *
SC Freiburg	     -   Bayer 04 Leverkusen	1:2 (1:1)   16,400
VfL Wolfsburg	     -   FC Ingolstadt 04	2:1 (0:1)    7,846
Eintracht Frankfurt  -   SV Sandhausen	        4:2 (1:0)   18,200
FC Augsburg	     -   Bayern München	        0:2 (0:1)   30,660 *

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