WSV blog: easy win

WSV basically kicked Idar-Oberstein’s ass.

Things started right off the bat. Lukas Van den Bergh, getting a chance for a start in place of the ill Thomas Schlieter, put in a perfect cross and the Regionalliga’s leading scorer Christian Knappmann banged home (no. 28). A few minutes later, Knappmann turned provider and his cutting pass sent Marcel Landers down the flank, and Landers found Maciej Zieba, who volleyed into the net. WSV was totally dominating the match, doing whatever they pleased. SCI didn’t even have a shot until over half an hour had passed. Flessers scored off another assist from Knappmann, and Zieba put the final touches on a great 1st half, as dribbled around SCI GK Kornetzky and tapped into the empty net.

In eth second half, WSV slowed down things a bit, although they were still dominating. Idar-Oberstein made it worse on themselves as Gündüz, who had only come on at half, got his ass red carded after 62 minutes. WSV must have thought “what the hell?!” and banged in a couple of more to complete the rout.

Wuppertaler SV   - SC Idar-Oberstein    6:0 (4:0)

Attendance: 750 (Stadion Am Zoo)
1:0 Knappmann (5.) 	  
2:0 Zieba (13.) 	  
3:0 Fleßers (27.) 	 
4:0 Zieba (43.) 	 
5:0 Quotschalla (65.) 	  
6:0 Herzenbruch (87.) 


Semmler - 
van den Bergh    , F. Haas , Flottmann , Herzenbruch     - 
Landers , Fleßers     , Moosmayer    - 
Zieba         - 
Knappmann     , Quotschalla

Baltes (73., Quotschalla)
B. Abelski  (77., Moosmayer)
El Hammouchi (83., van den Bergh)
Trainer: Bruns


Kornetzky - 
Lawnik , Schunck , Maurer , Garlinski - 
K. Schug , M. Lehmann    - 
Cordier , Sawin    - 
Mertinitz , Stumpf

Gündüz  (46., Sawin)
Vetter  (59., M. Lehmann)

Trainer: Hildmann

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