WSV Blog: no road games

Ouch, the 5th division is definitely becoming a problem for Wuppertal, in an unexpected vein. After the opening away match against Rattingen was canceled, the second away match at SV Hönnepel-Niedermörmter (that’s a mouthful, makes Mönchengladbach look like an abbreviation) was also canceled, and the rumour is that the next away match at Rhede will suffer the same fate.

The reason is that the small clubs don’t have the facilities to entertain the “expected” crowds of traveling rowdies. According to police documents, there is a hardcore of some 300 Wuppertalers who are “ready for violence”, whatever that means. And some 80-100 are expected to be going on away trips. Virtually none of these smaller clubs have stadiums that allow for separation of fans, nor the necessary insurance. So they’re canceling the matches and leaving it in the federation’s hands to do something.

Of course the numbers given by police (some secretive investigative squad, a cross between the FBI and Stasi) are highly disputed, since there haven’t been 300 rowdies at a WSV match in decades. Everyone recognizes that it’s hardly something like Rostock vs Dresden that we’re talking about, so the same “security” measures shouldn’t apply. However until the federation takes charge, it’s all in limbo. Part of the problem is that the lower divisions are managed by the regional federations, and they won’t make a move until the DFB changes some of the statutes in place in the top flights (1-3 Liga). So in the meantime, it looks like it’s only home games for Wuppertal…

WSV Blog: First match

Under normal circumstances, not much to celebrate, but given what Wuppertal has gone through, the fact that things got rolling is a major positive.

The 5th division Oberliga Niederrhein was supposed to kick-off last week, with WSV visiting Germannia Rattingen. However it was called off at the last minute, since the Rattingen police department was unprepared for an invasion of “WSV hooligans”. You could argue back and forth what that means – there is a contingent of bad apples in the WSV fan block that loves to cause trouble – but perhaps the German police take a more, er, humanitarian approach when controlling crowds. (And we’re talking probably less than 100).

In any case, this meant that WSV opened this weekend at home against FC Kray, who also were relegated (but because they sucked, not because they can’t balance a checkbook). It turned out to be a very positive start for Wuppertal, as over 3000 fans showed up, much more than anticipated. The WSV 2.0 inititaive that led the club into forced relegation and bankruptcy is hitting all the right notes on reviving the club, with almost 1,000 season tickets sold, more than in previous years, and obvious interest from the community.

The match itself was largely controlled by WSV, although it was mostly running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Kray had a few decent chances, but overall the new-look WSV squad stood firm and ended up with a 2-0 win, a great start to the campaign.
As far as I can tell, all the WSV players were not regulars last season, although a few moved up from the WSV-II squad.

Wuppertaler SV - FC Kray   2:0 (1:0)

Klafflsberger (82. Sube) - 
Jasmund, Hausmann, Nadidai, Schurig - Weggen, Manstein - 
Leikauf, Krol (46. B. Schröder), Yakhem -
Ellmann (75. Saka).

O. Allouche - 
Stahmer (45. Bumbullies), Kehrmann, Erdmann, Immanuel (75. H. Allouche), 
Schneider, Meißner, Clever, Walther (64. Bluni) , 
Vennemann, Ferati.

1:0 Ellmann (34.), 
2:0 Saka (77.)

Attendance: 3,023 (Stadion-Am-Zoo, Wuppertal)

WSV Blog: Insolvency achieved!

Things finally got cleared up, and Wuppertaler SV is officially in insolvency proceedings. In an perverse sort of way, this is actually a good thing.

As you might recall, dissidents launched the “WSV Initiative 2.0” campaign to take over the management of the club, and it was overwhelmingly approved. Key point (aside from dumping all the ruling Politburo puppets of the ringmaster in charge) was to take the club into administration and wipe out the debts, but thereby get forcibly relegated to start over. Another good point was to drop the name “Borussia”, which had been forced upon WSV as part of the ill-thought merger with Borussia Wuppertal. (BTW, some good news in that some of the old Borussia members are now trying to re-establish their club, good luck to them.)

One of the key aspects was to achieve formal court recognition of insolvency by June 30. This was important, since it means that WSV starts the coming season in the 5th division Oberliga Nordrhein. If the court had delayed, then WSV would have actually had to continue in the 4th division and then basically have all matches annulled and get forcibly relegated, meaning the loss of a whole season.

Most of the players have been released from contract, although some promising new ones have signed up. With an expected budget of only 850,000 euros, the full professional contracts are no longer feasible. (The Regionalliga budgets were usually around 3.5-4.0 million). The WSV-II squad of U23s will backfill several players. WSV-II did reasonably well, finishing 7th in the Oberliga. (They get automatically dropped to the Verbandsliga with the main team relegation).

Training for the new season has started, and the first scrimmage/friendly against Regionalliga side SC Verl actually drew 400+ fans, which is pretty decent for this time of year. The WSV team was mostly made up of U23 players. The match ended 0-0, which is actually an improvement, since WSV got bitch-slapped 4-1 by the same Verl squad on the last day of the just finished Regionalliga season.

WSV blog: up or down?

The Wuppertaler SV general assembly overwhelmingly voted in all the representatives of the “WSV Initiative 2.0”, kicking out the old Runge-mafia that had run the club into the ground. In the next few days the decision on whether to go into administration should be resolved. There is still a chance that it can be avoided. Apparently Runge realized that his Reign of Error had come to an end, and he indicated willingness to negotiate to cancel the debt (from his “loans” to the club) pending some tax implications. Of course, his company has withdrawn sponsorship and it’s not clear that administration can be avoided – which was the WSV 2.0 position anyway.

Administration of course means automatic relegation to the Oberliga. On the field, WSV collapsed to 15th, which puts them on the bubble. Champions SpFr Lotte failed against RB Leipzig, and are back in the Regionalliga West. However from what I’ve been able to piece together, some of the various Oberliga clubs have declined promotion or can’t get (or didn’t apply for) a 4th division license, so WSV could theoretically survive in the Regionalliga. Of course, this will only be possible if the debts are cleared, which is what the membership and new leaders have demanded.

Another positive of administration and the new start is that the hated “Borussia” will be dropped. This was of course a result of the outrageous merger engineered by Runge and the corrupt Borussia bosses a few years ago. All the fans opposed it, but it was rammed through by boards. Borussia was actually a competitive club, albeit with a small fan base. It was a disgrace that they had to disappear because of the greed of the boards, and it ended up with no benefit to WSV.

WSV blog: more continued disaster

Wuppertal suffered yet another embarassing defeat, this time at home 2-3 to neighbors SSVg Velbert. And since Fortuna Düsseldorf II shocked Viktoria Köln on the road, it comes down to the last game. And WSV has to travel to Verl, which could be a tough assignment, while the mini Düssels get to play the already relegated mini-Duisburgers.

If you look at the table below, you can see how precarious the situation is. If WSV fails to win, there’s a good chance that they’ll go down. 15th spot means relegation, as Aachen is coming down from the 3.Liga. With Oberliga champions coming up (Uerdingen, Euskirchen, Lippstadt, Wattenscheid) that means too many clubs. The Regionalliga West is also scheduled to reduce to 18 clubs. From what I’ve been able to piece together, that means 15th spot is doomed as well.

So the “Initiative WSV 2.0” wants voluntary relegation and administration along with a new start. The Runge cronies have been claiming Regionalliga or bust, but it sounds like the Oberliga is becoming a reality anyway because of their own incompetance. The good news is that as long as the request for administration is in by June 30, they wouldn’t get relegated down to the Verbandsliga as a penalty…Seriously, the WSV 2.0 is the only way forward, it’s bad enough WSV is the laughingstock of German football…to think that this is a club that has beaten both Champions League finalists in the Bundesliga days…


 1  Sportfreunde Lotte	  	37    25   8   4    69:27  +42 	  83
 2  Fortuna Köln	  	37    25   4   8    68:30  +38 	  79 
 3  FC Schalke 04 II	  	37    20   8   9    61:37  +24 	  68 
 4  Sportfreunde Siegen (N)	37    19   7  11    58:42  +16 	  64 
 5  Rot-Weiss Essen	  	37    18   9  10    62:50  +12 	  63 
 6  FC Viktoria Köln (N)	37    18   7  12    75:62  +13 	  61 
 7  Borussia M'gladbach II	37    16   6  15    53:49  +4 	  54
 8  SC Wiedenbrück 2000	  	37    15   6  16    55:54  +1 	  51 
 9  Rot-Weiß Oberhausen (A)	37    15   5  17    49:56  -7 	  50 
10  SC Verl	  	        37    12  11  14    64:55  +9 	  47 
11  Bayer 04 Leverkusen II	37    13   8  16    45:51  -6 	  47 
12  SSVg Velbert (N)	  	37    13   8  16    43:56  -13 	  47 
13  VfL Bochum II	  	37    11  13  13    47:41  +6 	  46 
14  Wuppertaler SV 	  	37    11  13  13    51:51   0 	  46
15  Fortuna Düsseldorf II	37    12  10  15    42:47  -5 	  46
16  1. FC Köln II	  	37    10   9  18    59:61  -2 	  39 
17  VfB Hüls (N)	  	37    11   6  20    46:70  -24 	  39 
18  SV Bergisch Gladbach (N)	37    10   6  21    43:74  -31 	  36 
19  MSV Duisburg II (N)	  	37     8   9  20    32:67  -35 	  33 
20  FC Kray (N)	  	        37     9   5  23    33:75  -42 	  32

WSV: continued disaster

Wuppertaler SV continues as the laughing stock of German football. After several horrible games the club decied to take “decisive” action…and fired the head coach, Peter Radowjewski. In theory, WSV could still get relegated from the Regionalliga West, as their collapse has left them only 7 points above the drop zone, although I would think it would be pretty hard to make that “achievement”.

Much more interesting is what’s been going on behind the scenes. A few months ago the “sugar daddy” President, Friedhelm Runge, finally resigned after being fed up being constantly verbally abused by the local fans. Now he’s put a lot of money into the club (mainly as the owner of the main sponsor, EMKA), but he’s also run it like a dictator for over 20 years. So most fans felt “good riddance”. However, he apparently appointed some puppets to run the club in his absence, and they have suitably acted like his lapdogs. He doesn’t want to let go, and the recent coach firing has his fingerprints all over it.

Now recently there has been an interesting development, as some members and businessmen have launched the “Initiative WSV 2.0” which seeks a rebirth of the club. As part of the rebirth, the club would go into voluntary insolvency, which would mean forcible relegation into the 5th division Oberliga. While this sounds drastic, this seems the only way for the club to start fresh, and would mean cutting the ties with Runge and his cronies. The budget would be slashed to around 800,000 euros, of which only about 300,000 would be for the first team. (Much else for WSV-II and youth squads). The plan would be a gradual buildup to competitiveness with the eventual goal of “finally watching WSV on TV again” (which basically means the 3.Liga). It’s not too far-fetched, as the WSV-II squad is already in the Oberliga and in the upper half of the table. But the emphasis would be on sound financial management and partnerships with the city and business.

Predictably, the current leaders didn’t comment until Runge had his say. First of all, EMKA would withdraw sponsorship if the club went into insolvency. Instead, their “plan” is to keep WSV “in the highest possible division” and then get promoted. Supposedly this would mean a budget of 3.5 million euros and a “star ensemble” to gain promotion to the 3.Liga. Presumably this money would come from Runge and EMKA, since nobody else would try and fund this silliness. (And of course the club would assume even more debt). The point was made that “it’s insane to voluntarily go down” and only “Rot-Weiss Essen was successful in doing so, and they’re a bigger club and city than Wuppertal”. Well, they are correct that RWE has been rebuilding, and draws pretty decent crowds in the Regionalliga. And they seem on the right track to challenge for 3.Liga promotion soon. But they’re starting with a sound base, which is clearly lacking at WSV.

Anyway, a “extraordinary” membership meeting will be called and the membership will have a vote. The WSV2.0 crowd are running a slate of candidates to support insolvency and restructuring, and of course the current incumbent clowns want to “stay the course”.
Conspiracy theorists are already telling tales of missing invitations.

This is an interesting story, because it’s not unusual in the lower divisions of German football, far removed from “37 million for Mario Götze” that is plastered all over the place. But the trials and tribulations of the small clubs is what gives German football it’s edge, so it’s worth being reminded of it every once in a while….

WSV Blog: Runge raus!

Haven’t really said much about Wuppertal recently, since the news almost always sucks. That’s what happens when you are bound at the hip by a crap club like I am…

Another miserable performance and expectations of another worthless winterbreak. But this time, it really happened: Runge ist raus!

Friedhelm Runge has been president of WSV for about 20 years, and has been the patron of the club. While he obviously is no Dietmar Hopp, Runge has invested a lot of his personal fortune into the club (I think he owns some industrial locks company). In fact, a few years ago the club was bankrupt, so he covered the debts from his personal account. You can’t accuse him of not being loyal to the club.

So you would think that the fans would be grateful, but for from it. Runge’s “Reign of Error” has seen WSV basically collapse as a viable contender, and the attendance has plummeted. He seems to have antagonized other potential sponsors – or at least his detractors say. In any case, as the club has continued to sink, he’s come under continued massive criticism, and after threatening over the years, finally decided to step down. Now the club is in chaotic financial state, so we’ll have to see what happens. If the club survives, it will probably be a good thing, at least if it establishes itself as a true fan/member run club again.

The club owes Runge some 2.5 million euros in loans, but the terms require repayment only when the club is in the black. So no crisis there. The new leadership estimates that the club is covered through March 31st, and appears confident that additional funds will allow WSV to avoid bankruptcy.

The whole story illustrates that although German football clubs don’t have individual owners, so you can’t have some wanker buy the club as a personal toy like in the EPL, money still has a way of influencing the club and giving these guys too much power.

As far as winter training is concerned, WSV has been playing “test” matches against a variety of clubs. 1-1 at Elversberg (Regionalliga Sud leader), 0-1 against Stuttgarter Kickers (3.Liga) and a few others. Ho hum…

WSV: Winter comes…mercifully

A decent outing for change, but no real result for WSV. Wuppertal travelled to Köln to face Fortuna, and despite a late strike, was unable to hold on for the victory. As usual, WSV is drifting aimlessly around. We’ll be spared any more crap performances till end January, as they get snowed in…

The big news is that Christian Knappmann will be leaving WSV in the Winterbreak, going to Borussia Dortmund II. His contract was dissolved this morning. How lame is that? Knappmann has been one of the few positives this season. He’s behind last season’s total of 30, but has managed 12 at the halfway mark, pretty respectable (2nd in league). There was some thought of him leaving before the season started, but the deal fell through. For Knappmann, it’s a jump up to the 3.Liga, and perhaps a chance to sneak in a cup-of-coffee with the big Neons. But let’s be serious. He’s already 31, and BVB-II is to develop future talent. So I assume Dortmund’s intention is to try and keep the II squad at the 3.Liga level, to maximize the quality for the young starts. So perhaps a proven goal scorer like Knappmann can help them stay up. Of course, for WSV, this is a disaster, but it just reinforces how the club is on the train to Nowheresburg…

SC Fortuna Köln: 
Poggenborg – 
Yilmaz, Flottmann, Ndjeng, Schäfer – 
Pagano, Nottbeck, Pospischil (66. Schaaf), Kessel – 
Kraus (79. Scherz), Montabell (71. Cannizzaro). 
Trainer: Uwe Koschinat 

Semmler – 
Schumacher, Reichert (38. Haas), Wiwerink, El Hammouchi – 
Neppe (86. Abel), Meier, Fleßers, Moosmayer, Quotschalla (79. Boztepe) – 
Trainer: Jörg Jung 

Scoring: 0:1 Abel (89.), 1:1 Cannizzaro (90.) 

Cards: Wiwerink, Reichert, Neppe, Haas 

Ref: Benjamin Bläser (Niederzier) 

Attendance: 912 (Südstadion, Köln)


SC Verl	               -   Sportfreunde Siegen	    3:3 (2:2)     332
1. FC Köln II	       -   Sportfreunde Lotte	    0:1 (0:1)     250
Bayer Leverkusen II    -   FC Viktoria Köln	    2:3 (2:1)     620
Rot-Weiß Oberhausen    -   FC Schalke 04 II	    1:2 (0:0)   1,924
Fortuna Köln	       -   Wuppertaler SV 	    1:1 (0:0)     912
SV Bergisch Gladbach   -   Borussia M'gladbach II   0:6 (0:1)     150
FC Kray	               -   SC Wiedenbrück 2000	    0:2 (0:2)     450
SSVg Velbert	       -   Rot-Weiss Essen	    2:4 (0:3) 	1,460  
Fortuna Düsseldorf II  -   VfL Bochum II	canceled
VfB Hüls	       -   MSV Duisburg II	canceled

 1  Sportfreunde Lotte	  	21   13   5   3     39:19  +20 	  44
 2  FC Schalke 04 II	  	21   13   5   3     36:17  +19 	  44 
 3  FC Viktoria Köln (N)	20   13   4   3     49:26  +23 	  43 
 4  Fortuna Köln	  	20   13   3   4     39:17  +22 	  42 
 5  Rot-Weiss Essen	  	21   12   6   3     37:27  +10 	  42 
 6  Sportfreunde Siegen (N)	20   11   4   5     35:18  +17 	  37 
 7  Wuppertaler SV 	  	20    7   8   5     32:27  +5 	  29 
 8  SC Verl	  	        21    7   7   7     40:32  +8 	  28 
 9  1. FC Köln II	  	20    7   6   7     35:33  +2 	  27 
10  SC Wiedenbrück 2000	  	21    7   5   9     31:34  -3 	  26 
11  VfL Bochum II	  	19    7   3   9     21:26  -5 	  24 
12  Rot-Weiß Oberhausen (A)	21    7   2   12    30:40  -10 	  23 
13  Bayer Leverkusen II	  	21    6   4   11    26:34  -8 	  22 
14  SSVg Velbert (N)	  	20    6   4   10    20:33  -13 	  22
15  Borussia M'gladbach II	20    6   3   11    23:33  -10 	  21
16  SV Bergisch Gladbach 09 (N)	20    6   3   11    20:40  -20 	  21 
17  MSV Duisburg II (N)	  	19    4   7   8     20:27  -7 	  19 
18  FC Kray (N)	  	        21    5   2   14    20:42  -22 	  17 
19  VfB Hüls (N)	  	19    4   4   11    19:36  -17 	  16 
20  Fortuna Düsseldorf II	19    3   5   11    20:31  -11 	  14

Top club to playoffs. 
Bottom 5 clubs relegated, 15th relegated depending on 3.Liga

WSV: Another worthless draw

Another worthless draw for Wuppertal, and a negative record as well. Officially, only 725 fans showed up (other sources gave a generous 753, but the lower number are official WSV numbers). It’s been pretty pathetic since the days of 30,000+ in battles against Düsseldorf and Bayern München, but this has got to take the cake. You figured things might suck when the club announced that it was temporarily banning all “flags and banners” because of fan behaviour at the last match against Essen. (Supposedly smoke bombs and rockets were hidden among the banners). Anyway, the WSV-Ultras responsible announced they would boycott, and since they’re about the only folks that even show up these days, I guess it would suck at the gate. Another silly direction by WSV, especially since they announced that they were going to allow banners and flags at later matches anyway. A game of chicken where both sides get the big “L”.

As for the match itself, not much to report except the usual suckitude. WSV started brightly, especially Tom Moosmayer pulling strings in midfield. Marco Neppe crossed in, and Christian Knappmann rose above everyone and headed in from 14 meters. His 12th goal, off last season’s pace, but still respectable. WSV had a few chances, but as usual wasted them disgracefully. Meanwhile, Verl barely crossed midfield, but eventually managed to get a shot off and equalized. Then they pulled everything back and dared WSV to do anything, clearly a suckers bet, since obviously WSV wouldn’t be able to score again, despite some decent opportunities.

BTW, if you’d like a nice perspective of WSV and Regionalliga football, check out Lenny Barea’s description of the WSV-Essen match last weekend:

Semmler – 
Schumacher, Reichert, Wiwerink, El Hammouchi – 
Neppe (81. Abel), Meier, Fleßers, Moosmayer, Quotschalla (75. Knetsch) – 
Trainer: Jörg Jung 

SC Verl: 
Mellwig – 
Reekers, Schmidt, Capretti, Kaminski – 
Bömer Schulte, Schröder –
Brinker (55. Krause), Haeder (83. Manstein), Großeschallau –
Kunstmann (89. Betram). 
Trainer: Raimund Bertels 

1:0 Knappmann (30.)
1:1 Großeschallau (54.) 

Yellow cards: Brinker, Capretti, Krause, Haeder 

Referee: Niolaus Athanassiadis (Bad Salzdetfurth) 

Attendance: 725 (Stadion-Am-Zoo, Wuppertal)

SpFr Siegen	        -   Rot-Weiss Essen	     5:1 (4:0)   2,384
SpFr Lotte	        -   SSVg Velbert	     2:0 (0:0)     473
Wuppertaler SV 	        -   SC Verl	             1:1 (1:0)     753
Borussia M'gladbach II  -   Fortuna Köln	     0:3 (0:0)     380
FC Viktoria Köln	-   SV Bergisch Gladbach 09  4:4 (3:1)     915
SC Wiedenbrück 2000	-   VfB Hüls	             2:1 (0:1)     207
FC Schalke 04 II	-   Bayer Leverkusen II	     0:0 (0:0)     125
FC Kray	                -   Rot-Weiß Oberhausen	     1:0 (0:0)     590
VfL Bochum II	        -   1. FC Köln II	     1:3 (0:2)     150
MSV Duisburg II	        -   Fortuna Düsseldorf II    0:0 (0:0)     100

 1  Fortuna Köln	  	19    13  2   4     38:16  +22 	  41
 2  FC Viktoria Köln (N)	19    12  4   3     46:24  +22 	  40 
 3  Sportfreunde Lotte	  	19    11  5   3     36:19  +17 	  38 
 4  FC Schalke 04 II	  	19    11  5   3     32:16  +16 	  38 
 5  Sportfreunde Siegen (N)	20    11  4   5     35:18  +17 	  37 
 6  Rot-Weiss Essen	  	19    10  6   3     31:24  +7 	  36 
 7  SC Verl	  	        20    7   7   6     40:30  +10 	  28 
 8  Wuppertaler SV 	  	19    7   7   5     31:26  +5 	  28 
 9  1. FC Köln II	  	19    7   6   6     35:32  +3 	  27 
10  VfL Bochum II	  	19    7   3   9     21:26  -5 	  24 
11  Rot-Weiß Oberhausen (A)	19    7   2   10    28:36  -8 	  23 
12  Bayer Leverkusen II	  	19    6   4   9     24:29  -5 	  22 
13  SSVg Velbert (N)	  	19    6   4   9     18:29  -11 	  22 
14  SV Bergisch Gladbach 09 (N)	19    6   3   10    20:34  -14 	  21
15  SC Wiedenbrück 2000	  	19    5   5   9     27:34  -7 	  20
16  MSV Duisburg II (N)	  	19    4   7   8     20:27  -7 	  19 
17  Borussia M'gladbach II	19    5   3   11    17:33  -16 	  18 
18  FC Kray (N)	  	        19    5   2   12    20:38  -18 	  17 
19  VfB Hüls (N)	  	19    4   4   11    19:36  -17 	  16 
20  Fortuna Düsseldorf II	19    3   5   11    20:31  -11 	  14

Top club to playoffs. 
Bottom 5 clubs relegated, 15th relegated depending on 3.Liga

WSV: lucky draw…

… that could have been a win.

This traditional rivalry continues down in the 4th division, but the days of a sold out Zoo-Stadion are long gone. Wuppertalers have essentially given up on WSV, so perhaps half the stands had Essen travellers. Still, this is the hottest derby for the two sides, especially for Wuppertal…the old enemies Bochum and Dusseldorf have long since left them in the dust. Actually, the same could be said for Essen, who might get their traditional rival Borussia Dortmund, but these days at best the BVB II.

The first half was balanced, with neither team really doing anything to upset the other side. In the second half things opened up a bit, with WSV grabbing the quick lead. Christian Knappmann was once again the catalyst, as his headed ball bounced off a defender into the net. A few minutes later it once again Knappmann with the header, this time into the goal. With a 2-0 lead, WSC looked golden. But this is WSV, so you knew they would start sucking. And sure enough, intense RWE pressure soon bore fruit, and the visitors came storming back. Then in injury time, it could have been a disaster. A dubious foul call gifted RWE a penalty. Ellmann stepped up, but WSV GK Christoph Semmler made the great save to preserve the draw, which ultimately was a fair result. If they had lost, a lynching of the referee would have been justifiable homicide.

Wuppertaler SV 	  -    Rot-Weiss Essen	   2:2 (0:0)

1:0 Rodenberg (52., own goal) 	  
2:0 Knappmann (62.) 	  
2:1 Heppke (69.)
2:2 Sawin (79.)

Attendance: 5,480 (Stadion Am Zoo, Wuppertal)

Semmler – Schumacher, Reichert, Wiwerink, El Hammouchi – Meier, Moosmayer – Neppe (84. Cornelius), Fleßers, Boztepe (75. Quotschalla) – Knappmann (90. Wassinger). 
Trainer: Jörg Jung 

Lamczyk – Dombrowka, Laletin, Rodenberg, Guirino (84. Tokat) – Heppke – Avci, Pires-Rodrigues (62. Lemke) , Grund – Sawin, Koep (73. Ellmann). 
Trainer: Waldemar Wrobel 

Yellows: Neppe, Semmler - Guirino, Laletin 

Referee: Thorben Siewer (Drolshagen) 

MSV Duisburg II	        -   1. FC Köln II	     1:1 (0:1)      90
Sportfreunde Lotte	-   Sportfreunde Siegen	     4:1 (3:0)     780
Rot-Weiß Oberhausen	-   Bayer Leverkusen II	     2:1 (1:1)   1,652
Wuppertaler SV 	        -   Rot-Weiss Essen	     2:2 (0:0)   5,480
VfL Bochum II	        -   SSVg Velbert	     1:2 (1:1)     170
Borussia M'gladbach II  -   SC Verl	             4:1 (3:1)     276
FC Viktoria Köln	-   Fortuna Köln	     1:3 (0:0)   6,214
SC Wiedenbrück 2000	-   Fortuna Düsseldorf II    2:2 (2:0)     230
FC Schalke 04 II	-   SV Bergisch Gladbach 09  1:1 (1:1) 	   169
FC Kray	                -   VfB Hüls	             2:0 (1:0)     349

 1  Fortuna Köln	  	18   12   2   4    35:16  +19 	  38
 2  FC Schalke 04 II	  	18   11   4   3    32:16  +16 	  37
 3  FC Viktoria Köln (N)	17   11   3   3    40:19  +21 	  36
 4  Rot-Weiss Essen	  	17   10   5   2    29:18  +11 	  35
 5  Sportfreunde Lotte	  	17   10   4   3    33:18  +15 	  34
 6  Sportfreunde Siegen (N)	18    9   4   5    29:17  +12 	  31
 7  Wuppertaler SV Bor.	  	18    7   6   5    30:25  +5 	  27 
 8  SC Verl	  	        18    6   6   6    34:28  +6 	  24
 9  VfL Bochum II	  	17    7   3   7    19:18  +1 	  24
10  Rot-Weiß Oberhausen (A)	17    7   2   8    28:34  -6 	  23
11  SSVg Velbert (N)	  	18    6   4   8    18:27  -9 	  22
12  1. FC Köln II	  	17    5   6   6    30:30   0 	  21 
13 SV Bergisch Gladbach (N)	17    6   2   9    16:27  -11 	  20
14  Bayer Leverkusen II	  	17    5   3   9    23:29  -6 	  18
15  MSV Duisburg II (N)	  	18    4   6   8    20:27  -7 	  18
16  Borussia M'gladbach II	17    5   3   9    16:28  -12 	  18 
17  VfB Hüls (N)	  	18    4   4   10   18:34  -16 	  16 
18  SC Wiedenbrück 2000	  	17    3   5   9    22:33  -11 	  14 
19  FC Kray (N)	  	        17    4   2   11   19:37  -18 	  14 
20  Fortuna Düsseldorf II       17    3   4   10   19:29  -10 	  13

Top club to playoffs. 
Bottom 5 clubs relegated, 15th relegated depending on 3.Liga