WSV: Close win on road

Wuppertal travelled to the Essen ghetto of Kray for a critical road match.

Defender Marco Neppe, who had previously played for WSV from 2007-2010, returned and was immediately inserted into the starting lineup. Christian Knappmann was once again raring to go, on the 3rd minute, his header beat the Kray keeper, but was stopped by the post. Another close shot a few minutes later on a pass from Landers. WSV looked like it was going to roll over Kray easily. However despite continued pressure and Wuppertal chances, the match went scoreless into halftime.

WSV continued their assault, and after being denied a penalty, took the lead. Boztepe crossed from the left, Knappmann headed home. 6th goal in 6 games, looks like he’s keeping last year’s 30 goal mark in view. WSV continued to dominate the match, creating several more chances, but were unable to get another goal. It turned out OK however, since Kray basically generated zilch of their own.

Not a great win, since they should have scored at least a half-dozen. But it’s a win…

FC Kray	    - 	Wuppertaler SV     0:1 (0:0)

0:1  Knappmann (54.)

Attendance: 1,252 Uhlenkrug, Essen

O. Allouche - 
Kretschmar, Knieper, Zweck    - 
Kehrmann, Sokhan Sanj, Karagülmez, Milaszewski    - 
Mun, Elouriachi - 
Ph. Schmidt
M. Walter (65., Mun)
Nimptsch (73., Milaszewski)	
I. Ketsatis (85., Kretschmar)

Trainer: Wißel

Semmler - 
Neppe, Reichert, Wiwerink, El Hammouchi - 
Fleßers, Moosmayer    - 
Landers, Boztepe - 
Quotschalla, Knappmann      
Wassinger (73., Quotschalla)
Meier (88., Knappmann)
Schlieter (90., Reichert)

Trainer: Bruns

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