World Cup Qualifier: No Irish eyes smiling…

“…when Irish eyes are smiling…” goes the song, but they were anything but as Germany ripped Ireland a new bung-hole with a 6-1 thrashing Dublin. After this thrashing, perhaps Ireland coach Tarppatoni will hold a press conference and say “Ich bin fertig”

Both sides were missing full strength lineups, but obviously Ireland perhaps was losing more. A statistic indicated that in Ireland’s Euro 2012 final squad that faced Italy, there were a total of 721 caps in the lineup, whereas today just 268, half of which from a couple of players. Joachim Löw was missing Hummels and Lahm among others, but it really didn’t matter.

Germany dominated pretty much the whole game, although early on Ireland was running around and making life difficult. Neuer also had one of his wanker moves as he raced out and ended up heading the ball into touch. But that was really as close as the Greens got for the rest of the match. The fact was that after about 15 minutes it was all Deutschland. Marco Reus almost opened things up early, but was given a yellow for a dive which probably should have been a legit penalty. But in any case, a few minutes later he rocketed into the top of the net, and had another hard shot into the corner a few mkinutes later. Germany was in complete control, and things got ugly in the 2nd half, with Germany kicking Ireland repeated in the ass and banging in goals left and right. Toni Kroos had joined as a 2nd half, and had to nice blasts into the net. Also a nice day at the office for oldie Miro Klose, who was chopped down cynically for the penalty, and then rounded the goalie, scoring from an acute angle, an Irish defender “chasing” after it in slow motion. Ireland finally got on the scoreboard in injury time, with thunderous applause. However it was a pretty much Deutschland über alles kind of day.

A pretty dark day in Irish football, getting owned this badly in front of your home fans. However, it’s not the results against Germany that will determine whether they manage to sneak into the World Cup 2014.

As far as Germany, a good result, basically because they didn’t dick around too much, except perhaps the start fase. After they smelled blood, they were like great white sharks in a feeding frenzy, as the ripped their hosts to shred. It was refreshing to see the squad go for the jugular.

Irland - Deutschland 1:6 (0:2)

0:1  Reus (32., Schmelzer)
0:2  Reus (40., Boateng)
0:3  Özil (55., penalty, Klose)
0:4  Klose (58.,Schweinsteiger)
0:5  Kroos (61.)
0:6  Kroos (83., Özil)
1:6  Keogh (90. + 2, Brady)

Attendance: 40,000 (Dublin)


Westwood - 
Coleman, O'Shea, O'Dea, S. Ward - 
McCarthy, Andrews, Fahey - 
Cox, McGeady - 

51. Long for Fahey
69. Keogh for McGeady
84. Brady for Cox

Traner: Trappatoni


Neuer - 
Boateng, Mertesacker, Badstuber, Schmelzer - 
Khedira, Schweinsteiger - 
T. Müller, Özil, Reus - 

46. Kroos for Khedira
66. Podolski for Reus
72. Schürrle for Klose

Trainer: Löw

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