WSV: Another disgrace

Another crap WSV performance. This is beginning to be a broken record. Well, on the plus side, I can pretty much just copy last week’s entry, saving me time.

WSV came out flat, proceeded to suck and gets their ass kicked. Disgraceful. Nothing else worth mentioning.

Wuppertaler SV    .   Borussia M'gladbach II    0:2 (0:1)

 	         0:1 Dams (37.) 
  	         0:2 Dertwinkel (90.)
Attendance: 1,195 {Stadion Am Zoo, Wuppertal)


Semmler - 
Neppe, Wiwerink, Haas, Moosmayer - 
Reichert, Fleßers, Landers, Boztepe, Quotschalla - 
Wassinger (69., Boztepe) 
Abel (74., Reichert)
Trainer: Bruns


Kompalla - 
M. Zimmermann    , Dams     , Stang , Janeczek - 
C. Lenz , Korb , Bastürk , Bieler       - 
Pisano , Platzek  
Dertwinkel (70., Platzek)
C. Zimmermann  (86., Bieler)
Gross (90., M. Zimmermann) 	
Trainer: Demandt

2 thoughts on “WSV: Another disgrace

    • Your guess is as good as mine:) Viktoria actually went bankrupt (they used to be “SC”) and they were refounded in 2010 as “FC”. They were going to get dumped in the netherlands of the Kreisliga, but they merged with the football section of Junkersdorf, who had just won the 6th division. They got a sugar-daddy sponsor and some players from then Regionalligist Windeck and won the Oberliga, getting promoted. So now they’re flying high…Fortuna has been in the dumps for a long time, but seem to have been slowly improving as well

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