Euro: Mixed bag

In the (relatively) worthless Europa-League, there was a mixed bag of results for the Bundesliga sides.

Schalke lost 0-1 at Dutch side FC Twente. Overall, it was probably deserved, since the Dutch side had more of the play and Schalke wasn’t interested in actually trying to win the match. But despite having an edge, Twente didn’t really look like scoring, but they got a laughable penalty which made the difference, and Matip got red carded as well. Nevertheless, at least in the rematch in Gelsenkirchen, the Blues have a decent chance to advance.

Hannover 96 did better, drawing 2-2 with Standard Liege (L├╝ttich for you German speakers) The 96ers actually drew first blood in the match played in Belgium, but fell behind before squaring things. Stindl and Diouf got the goals for Hannover, who now have a favorable position for the rematch at home.

One last word about the Bayer Leverkusen’s disgraceful ass-whupping at the hands of Barcelona. Not that it means anything, but it’s supposed to be the Champions League, not the “we-couldn’t-win-the-title-but-got-in-anyway-because-we-finished-in-the-top 3-this-year-and-maybe-4-when-UEFA-revises-coefficients” League. Luserkusen doesn’t belong in the Champions League because they’re not a champion of anything.

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