WSV blog: Derby day in Essen

Actually, when did this become a derby? Perhaps in the early 70s, when both teams went crazy in the then 2nd division Regionalliga West, each scoring over 100 goals. That year, WSV won a famous 5-0 away win in Essen, hehehe. Of course, WSV has always had rivalries with the likes of Fortuna Düsseldorf and VfL Bochum, also going back to those days. And with Aachen. But I guess the RWE one rings true even now, because both clubs have stunk at the same level and play each other often, whereas the others have moved on to better things.

Nevertheless, a decent crowd for 4th division standards watched a hard fought match as the teams drew 1-1. Essen was stronger in the 1st half, controlling the pace and pressing against WSV. A header by Thomas Denker gave the red-whites the lead. WSV was too passive, and although Daniel Flottmann had a superb chance to equalize, they couldn’t complain about the deficit.

In the 2nd half, it was a different story. WSV was strong and aggressive, and RWE was holding back and absorbing the pressure. But near the end, Wuppertal broke through and got the deserved equalizer.

Both sets of fans behaved badly, mostly scuffling with the police rather than each other. The match was stopped for 8 minutes as stadium orderly was hauled to the hospital after getting bopped on the head with a bottle.

Rot-Weiss Essen - Wuppertaler SV 1:1 (1:0)

Attendance: 8,713 in Georg-Melches-Stadion (Essen)	

1:0 Denker (31.)
1:1 Flottmann (84.) 

Lamczyk -
Brauer , Denker     , Wagner , Guirino -
Grummel       , Heppke    -
Lemke , K. Avci , Grund -

Koep (70., Heppke)
Lenz (80., Kaya)
K. Lehmann (85., Grummel)

Trainer: Wrobel

Semmler -
El Hammouchi , Fleßers , Schlieter , Flottmann     -
Landers    , Zieba , F. Haas       , Moosmayer -
Quotschalla       , Knappmann

Zimmermann (75., Landers)
Baltes (75., Quotschalla)
B. Abelski (85., F. Haas)

Trainer: Bruns

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